Camp Save Me

Last one of my older stories. This story isn't too old and I do kinda like it. Its a bit cliche and the people can be a bit sterotypical but It was also my atempt at writing a story for a manga. Even though I made the story I never did get around to darwing it but owell, one day. Heads up its a boyXboy because I was trying make a yaoi...


Camp Save Me, a christian camp made to save young gay boy's souls from burning in hell. Really who ever thought putting a bunch of gay teenage boys in a camp together in order to turn the straight must have been a genus.  (note sarcasm) But that's where I'm going. My Name is Sparrow Snow Smith. I've been gay I say a good 4 or 5 years in the closet. I couldn't even think of being gay growing up in my home. I have 3 older brothers, I'm the youngest and I have my mother and father, if the still consider me there child that is. My brothers are all A+ sport star Christan boys who are perfect. My Parents are both upstanding members of the town and church as two full heart ed Christan's. Then there's me, the weak, emo, freak that has no friends. Well that's not true, I have Alice. Alice is Christian and my best friend and she Love's that I'm gay she doesn't care at all what others say.  Were both know for being emo not that we call ourselves that. We just our who we our. But I will admit i do love my eye liner sometimes. Anyways I never fit in with my family well as you can see but when i came out to them a few weeks ago things didn't come out like i wished. Now there shipping there 17 year old son for the summer to a camp in the middle of no where. A special camp to save me because if by the end of the camp im not "normal" then there disown me as there son for good. Camp save me my last hope, wish me luck i guess....

The akward slince hung in the air as we drove though the woods. It's been this way for a few weeks now since i told my paren'ts and they made it clear how the felt as soon as i did. My paren'ts always made it clear that the bible and god hated gays, anything about homosexualty was a sin and evil. But I came out anways, I thought maybe they see me as there son and look past there idea's they had. Insted my mother screamed at me for a good five hours about how i broke her heart and i was pure evil to even think that way. My father still isn't talking to me insted he told me he was taking me to a place to help me and that i better be back to normal when i get back. It isn't all gay's at the camp. Camp Save Me works with all kinds of boys like drugie, smokers, drinkers, and other just bad boys. The slince was anoying but i had my Ipod hidden in my shoe. I've seen movie's of these camps i know how it works. The momen't I get to this camp there serch my bag. So im hidding my ipod in my shoe where its safe. Saddly this ment hours of awkward slince as we drove. I should be sad my own mother and father are praticly disowning me, but i knew. I knew they would hate me and never speek to me again. I even thought they kick me out. I guess watching to many it get's better videos had me hoping it be better. I still have my hope though. Even though it kills me my father wont look at me i have hope that somthing good will happen and things will get better. I love my paren'ts, I dont like them and there point of view but i love them cause there my family.

The car began o slow to a stop. I got out taking a good look of my pision for the summer. Thats what it looked like. There were 5 large cabin building's in a circle like area and there alot of smaller cabins heading into the forest. There were boys ever where all about 14 to 17 most in normal jean's and tee shirt.
"Hello!" A man's voice chirped from beside. He was dress in ugly kakis and a "Save Me" Tee shirt. He need's some one to save him from the ugly comb over he had on his head thats for sure.
"Hello Im Mr Smith. I called about my son." My father replied as he shook the mans hand.
"O yes, Nice to meet you Mr Smith. No need to worry about your son here were take good care of him and make sure he gets back on the stright path to god." He smiled at my father.
"Were be back then..." My father let his voice trail before driving off. There was no good bye, no hug, no careing. They just left.
"Well Mr Sparrow Come with me please. Im Mr Gumption but every one calls me Mitch. Do you have any nicknames?" The man smiled ledding me to what i belive was his office. The only nickname i had was snow ball and only alice calls me that.
"Well Sparrow, Im the camp's head master so if you need anything your come too me. Now let me began explaining the rules of the camp..." I let his voice trail off not really bothering to pay attention. I read all the Rules online and they were simple enough. No Drugs, Or alcohol, no inappropriate contact with other camp members, no cursing, no weapons, and all the other basic rules you get at school really. There were also the rules like we must go to church on Sunday and Curfew being 8pm. The only thing i really didn't like was there was no Tv and if you wanted to go online you had to use the computers in the Study cabin. Note that i didn't know how to get around a little parent guard. That be easy but i do only get like 30 minutes to email on face book or watch youtube witch would suck. Mitch kept talking but i was just nodding my head and ignoring him. As soon as he went though all my items he deiced i was safe, though he did take my hello kitty key chain, and he showed me out side again.
"Christian!" Mitch yelled, I kept my head down.
"Sparrow this is my nephew and you will be in his cabin. Christian please show Sparrow here around. " Mitch smiled and walked but inside. I finally looked up at the boy who was standing in front of me. He looked look he belonged on TV as a model. He has perfect muscles pushing against his shirt and curly brown hair that was cut edgy so it almost looked spiky. It hung around his head in a lazy bed head way witch he pulled off well. As soon as i realized his green eyes were locked on me I put my head down and stared at my shoes. He probably was only looking at me because he thinks im a freak and want's to change me. He didn't look like the role model for good boy, he was in ripped jeans and a black tee shirt nothing to fancy. It fit him well I just wish he stop staring and say something now...

*Christian POV*

Im use to being at Camp Save me. Though i never been saved to tell the truth. No i only came here because My Uncle made me each year, my parent's thought it keep me out of trouble and they don't really like me so any reason to get rid of me they enjoyed. I wasn't the perfect kid i'll admit that. I get into fights, I cuss alot, a drink and smoke. Nope i was the definition of bad boy and I ruled this Camp since I first came here when I was 7 and set the baby Jesus on fire, though i didn't mean to I was trying to smoke and didn't know your suppose to put out your buds. When I was 9 I came back for kicking Billy Jo ass on the playground for calling me stupid. Then I came back every year after because of other things I did. When I was 13 and I came out it was such a big deal my Uncle even started a program in the camp to cure gays. Bullshit he didn't cure anything but Im not complaining. Camp was fun. Camp meet partying, drinking, and repeat for a hole summer. Ofcouse i had to pretend to be good in front the adults everything else would be fun. Fun is what I was having watching Jasper and Casper fight witch they do alot being twins. They weren't hitting each other just arguing over old cartoons and witch cartoons were better.
"Christian!" My Uncle yelled for me making the twins look over to me.
"Who's that?" The questioned together in the creepy way.
"New Roomie, meet you at the cabin." I brushed them off and walked over. I knew a new kid was coming my Uncle told me ahead that he be here.
"Sparrow this is my nefew and you will be in his cabin. Christain please show Sparrow here around. " My Uncle walked away without giving me one of those 'Im watching you' looks.
Cute. That was the only word i could think to describe him. He was staring at his shoes witch was making it hard for me to see his bright blue eyes. His jet black hair and bangs also help hide his face. His pale skin made the little blush around his cheek easily noticeable. He wasn't tall probably on of the shortest guys here.
"Are you just going stare at me?" He mustard up the bravest face he could and pouted at me trying his best to look scary but he really didn't look any scarier then a kitty.
"Im Chris, I'll help show you to our cabin come on." I smiled picking up his bag witch was heavy as shit making me struggle and drop it, not expecting it.
"Sorry..." He giggled witch oddly worked for him and tried to drag the bag.
"Its fine, what's in this?" I asked picking it up this time ready for it.
"Just clothes and books and stuff." He shrugged looking back at his shoe.
"Your shoe's must be very interesting." I decide to tease him.
"What?" I turned his head to look up at me then back at his shoes confused.
"You keep looking at your shoe's, they must be interesting, well not as interesting as me Ofcouse." I gave him my cocky grin.
"Yea sure..." He rolled his eyes.
Yup Cute. That was the word for him.

Sparrow POV

He was still watching me but i was trying my best to pretend I didn't notice. Christian wasn't what i would think the nephew of a christian camp would look like, not that he looked bad. He had that cocky attitude, and a bad boy style that he pulled off well. Ofcouse i never admit that to him. Worst isn't knowing that he staring at me its that everyone was. Everyone eyes were watching me go by some staring some just wanting to know why I was with Christian. Easy to see That Christian has a reputation, I just wan't to know if its good or bad... and why everyone has to stare. I feel like a animal in the zoo with all these looks...

"Petting zoo maybe..." Christian chuckled.
"Damn did i just say that out loud." I mumbled to myself.
"Yup-p!" He poped the P.
"Wait what do you mean petting zoo!" I glared not sure if it was a insult on my heights or looks. I mean im small but not that small.
"Your just so cute everyone wan'ts to touch you." He flashed a grin and let his hand fall around my shoulder. Damn him. He's not helping me change if he's going be touching me and making my face red.
"Welcome to Cabin 16 aka your new home for the summer." He smiled stopping in front a cabin near the edge the woods. He grabbed my bag from me and open the door tossing my bag onto a top bunk and laying below. There were two bunk beds on each side of the room with a small desk in the back coner with a small bible on top. The Cabin was bigger then others i assume because of the door in the back that led to what looks like a bath room. Seeing as there was a sink that could be seen from the doorway. The floor was already covered in dirty clothes and candy wapers witch was a bit nasty. Im not a clean freak but i do like to see the floor.
"SPONGE BOB!" One boy yelled from the top bunk on the other side the room.
"INVADER ZIM!" The other on the bottom yelled. At first i couldn't tell the boys apart. The boy on the top bunk had bright blue eyes and shagy brown messy hair. He was dressed in black jeans and a basic camp tee shirt. The other boy had a bit darker blue eyes and his hair was neater. he also had glasses on.
""IS NOT!" The top boy yelled again.
"IS TOO!" The other snorted back.
"Christ Help me out! Tell Casket SPONGE BOB is and always will be the best cartoon!" The boy on the top bunk hoped down.
"Im not getting involved in this..." Christian mumbled turning his back to all of us and rolling over on the mattress.
"Fine new kid. Tell Jazz over here Invader Zim Is the best cartoon in the world!" The other boy commented to me.
"Um... I like rugrats..." I replied trying to pull myself onto the top bunk witch had no ladder making it hard.
I swear i heard Christian say something like cute but it was quickly cut off by the two boys.
"Rugrats not half bad of a choice..." One stated.
"We also would have excepted Cat-Dog, Hey Arnold, Angry Bevers, Fairy god Parent's, Pinky and the Brain..." The other replied. Both were watching me witch i had to admit was odd.
"Well Im Jasper but call me Jazz." The boy from the top bunk smiled.
"And Im Casper but call me Casket..." The other smiled.
"We see you already know Christian or Christ as we call him..." Jazz said jumping onto the bunk next to Casket.
"So what's your name new kid?" Casket asked looking at me.
"Sparrow, I don't have a nickname sorry." I replied pulling out a book and a water bottle.
"That's a cool name so you don't need a nick name." Jazz had jumped up and was looking into my bag.
"So why you here?" Casket question as Jazz looked though my bag. Not that I really cared it was mostly clothes.
"Um because im gay... I kinda mumbled backing up a while. I always backed up not sure how people are going take my news. Kids at school don't always except with open arms.
"That's cool." Jazz shrugged his shoulder still flipping though my bag.
"Didn't you bring anything else other then clothes and books?" Casket asked now next to Jazz going though my bag.
"I have my Ipod if you wan't to listen to it..?" I asked unsure.
"If you had a Ipod in this bag its gone now, against school rules. Jazz replied.
"Then I guess it's good i didn't put it in my bag..." I laughed pulling out the Ipod from my shoe.
"Nice! Your not a goody goody after all." Casket smiled taking the small Ipod.
"I kinda am I mean sneaking that music in is probably the worst thing I've ever down." I laughed because it was true. I wasn't really a trouble maker.
"Well you better start learning cause your with some the biggest trouble makers there are." Jazz smiled proudly.
"If you don't mind me asking why are you guys here...?" I asked.
"We've been coming here for the last 4 years! This year we pulled a little prank and are parent's sent us here to keep us out of trouble for the summer." Casket smiled.
"Uhh what kind of prank?" I asked wondering.
"Nothing to big, just dressed the Mary stature outside our school in her underwear and added a nice wig with make up." Jazz smiled.
"Your kidding right..." I asked trying to deiced if the meet it or if they were joking with me.
"Yup wanna see?" Jazz asked, but before i could answer he had flipped open his phone and was showing me a picture of a statue. A statue that was in bright pink underwear and a bright blue wig on. With Ofcouse Jazz, Casket, and Christ all smiling.
"Wow..." Was all i was able to say though my laughs.
"I take it you never done anything like that." Casket smiled.
"Only in my dreams, i couldn't imagine doing anything like this." I replied honestly.
"You seem like a good kid, You should avoid Christ he's a bad boy." Jazz whispered but everyone heard.
"Look who's talking." Christ replied flipping over so he could flip off Jazz. Jazz Just put on a sad face like he was really hurt while me and Casket laughed and Christ rolled his eyes. We spent the rest of the time, well mostly it was Jazz talking with him and Casket breaking into little arguments now and then. I feel asleep sometime when they were debating stealing all the ice cream from the lunch room and putting it in the other cabins beds or replacing all the ketchup with hot sauce.

Christ POV

"Aww look he's asleep." Jazz whispered i turn towards them and got up to look. Sure enough on the top bunk Sparrow was curled into a small ball sleeping. His face was soft and the blanket was moving softly up and down with his chest.
"Look's like someone has a crush..." Casket whispered and i turn to see him and Jazz staring at me.
"Shut up." I mumbled laying back down.
"Wait. You do don't you! The man whore himself has a crush doesn't he!" Jazz asked a little to loudly.
" I said shut up..." I turned away from them facing back to the wall.
"Wow i never though i see the day you get a crush..." Casket mumbled almost sounding amazed.
"What part of shut up don't you two get?" I asked sarcastically.
"Well you better keep a eye on him if you like him..." Jazz started.
"Yea he's cute, and alot of the boys around here are gay and would probably snatch him up fast." Casket continued.
"That Or there beat him up, you know how a few of they guys around here get specifically with gays..." Jazz finished.
"Whatever.." I mumbled. But they were right. He was small and good he easily get friends and even easier enemies. Damn that make's two things im now sure of every since i meet him. One i will make him mine because when i wan't something i get it. Two Im going keep him safe. Something tells me this wont be the relaxing summer I was planing on...

*Sparrow POV*

I felt a arm wrap around my waist pulling me off the top bunk.
"Wha-" I gasped.
"Come on your going be late on your first day. Jazz and Casket already left." He replied tossing a ugly camp shirt at me.
"Arg..." I grumbled out still half asleep.
"Just get dressed so we can go..." He replied watching me.
I nodded still half asleep. A moring person, I am not. I pulled on the shirt trying to find the hole witch oddly was very hard when I was pretty much asleep. I froze when I felt my shirt get tuged off. Looking up I relized I was only a inch away from Chris face.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" I screamed jumping back.
"Your taking forever I changing you..." He replied laughing like it was funny I was standing half naked in front of him.
"Asshole..." I grumbled pulling on the shirt.
"Come on lets go before were late." He chuckled Pulling me out the door.
"Where are we going so early it's 6am..." I replied looking at my phone.
8 missed calls.
12 text message's
3 voice mails.
all messages from EPIC_A aka Alice.

"Seem's your boyfriends worried..." I swear his voice was upset.
"Boyfriend?" I questioned back.
"EPIC_A? Isn't that your boyfriend, who else would call or text you that much." He nodded towards the phone.
"EPIC_A is Alice. I mean she call's me her gay boyfriend sometimes as a joke from the song. But I don't have a boyfriend. And she worry's alot..." I laughed at the text message. All were the same for the most part. Talking about if I was ok, If I was eating right, or just how things were going.
* This is the song its funny*

"O she seem's... nice." He replied reading the text message about how if any one messed with me to tell her and she come kick there ass. The text went on to say how and where she hide the body...
"I call her crazy but nice works too." I chuckled sliding the phone into my shoe as we came up to the lunch room doors. Alot of kids were outside standing around and talking most still looked half asleep as well.
"Where are Jazz and Casket?" I questioned looking around the room filled with half asleep kids.
"Hidding in the bath room getting high." He replied like it was nothing.
"Your kidding right...?" I laughed a little unsure. But instead of answering he just chuckled and kept walking. I dazed off a bit looking at our hands. He was draging me though the large group of people holding my hand so he wouldn't lose me. I felt the warmth from his hand holding mine tightly and it made me think two things. One people might get the wrong idea if they see us holding hands. Two I hope he never let go because it felt perfect.
"You sit here and I'll get you some breakfast, stay..." HE replied pushing me onto a seat and turning to walk off. What the fuck. Do I look like a dog. He told me sit and stay and then runs off and leaves me at a table alone to disaper into a crowd. I stared at my now empty hand witch now felt much colder.
"Hello Sparrow..." A voice called making me look up.
"Um... hello." I replied to the small group of boys behind me. The one who stood in front was dressed nicely.He was cute but no Christ Thats for sure. He had a suit and tie on and was carrying a small bible with him. His black hair was slicked back and his thick rim glasses in a way made him look older. He had a group of boys behind him all dressed as nicely in white button up suits and carrying there own small books. There was one tall boy with wild blond hair falling infront of his face. He was big enough to be a foot ball  player and almost looked like a body guard.
"My name's David, Im here to help you. I heard you got bunked with Christian and his little friends. They can be a little wild and a good boy like yourself wouldn't want to fall in with the wrong crowd. We wan't to offer you help to change to the right side before it's to late. You do wan't to change don't you?" He asked smiling.
"Umm.. I don't... know...." I replied really unsure. When I came here that was my goal, I wanted my mother and father back. But then I meet Christ and even with him being a cocky bastard and rude I admittedly was drawn to him.
"Well don't worry were here to help you figer it out." He smiled down at me getting closer.
"Can I help you David..." Christ hissed laying food down on the table and sitting next to me. Christ was right behind me glaring at David, with David returned.
"No I just came too say hello to my new friend Sparrow here... I wan't to make sure you don't corrupt him..." He replied back calmly witch must be hard cause Christ stare even scared me. Not that I was very brave to began with.
"Well as you can see he's fine so you can leave now..." Christ hissed back.
"We should get going anyways, I hope to see you again soon Sparrow." He smiled at me ignoring Christ and turning on his heals to leave. We watched them walk into the crowd before Christ spoke again.
"Whatever that bastard said about us was a lie." He snorted stabbing the mush that was food on his plate with his fork.
"He didn't say anything other then hi and telling me he wanted to help me change or something." I replied poking at the blob in front of me. Im almost sure is some kind of hash browns but im not sure I want to risk eating it yet.
"Do you want to?" He asked turning towards me.
"Not really. I think if I eat this i'll get sick..." I mumbled playing with the food.
"I mean't do you want to change?" He laughed a little pulling out a small baggie of Kixx Cereal and handing it to me.
"Umm yes and no..." I tossed a few Kixx in my mouth.
"Yes and No?" He question now turning me so he was looking right at me. I could feel his eyes watching me giving me butterfly's in my stomach.
"If I don't my family will hate me... But if I do I'll hate me." I replied the truth. I can't lie I hate liers. Changing would mean lieing to myself.
"I doubt anyone could hate you, your perfect." He smiled down at me catching my eyes. I wanted so bad to hug him right there. Everything was perfect about him at the moment. His bright eyes looking down at me, the little mess of his hair. The sound of a mike made me pull my eyes away to look up at the front of the mess hall. Mitch came up with other camp conclers to talk about the classes and the things we do over the summer. I be part of the green section. All the groups and problems wore color coded. Green for gays. Blue for prankers and bad boys. Red I guess were the popllar. The good boys that just came because they really love god and everything. David was the leader of the reds. There were other colors but I didn't care. Christ warned me that I was never to talk to David or any of the reds. Witch I didn't care. I was a little upset I had different classes then Christ or the twins. The twins who I found out were in the bathroom not getting high just watching youtube videos on there phones. It was a little funny when we found them, well the funny part was Christ smacking the back of both of there heads.

"Try to be careful while were gone." Christ said patting the top of my head.
"Your going be two cabins away taking a anger management class shouldn't I be saying that too you three." I looked up at him oddly.
"Proubly but amuse him." Jazz laughed patting my back.
"Were see you at lunch time but if anyone gives you trouble find one of us. If David comes near you just run." He replied looking at me.
"What do you have against David, he seemed nice." i replied. Sure I didn't want to be changed by him but he seemed nice enough.
"Wait when did you talk to David?" The twins asked in unison.
"He said hello at breakfast." I replied not really sure why they were also upset.
"Stay away from him!" Jazz said shaking my shoulders a little.
"He may seem nice but he's evil don't trust him." Casket agreed with Jazz.
"Umm ok If I promise to try to avoid him can you three let go of me..." I asked. All three of them let go of the grasp on me. Christ arm was wrapped around my waist and Jazz and Casket on each arm. But the soon let go. The warning trumpet sounded telling us to get to our classes.
"Be careful..." Christ whispered before walking off. My eyes watched him and trailed down his body a little setting on his ass. I had to mentally slap myself before running off towards my class.

The Camp was kinda like a school. School started at 9am. At least thats when breakfast was. I had a group therapy class at 10. At 11 we had a hobby class. Where they teach us how to express our feelings in a hobby. Then we had a out door like sport class to get us to connect to our mainly side at 12. 1 we have a religion history class. Then 2 A group class for all boys not matter what group they were from. The last class was just about making friends or something. After that they be lunch at 3 and we could do a thing for the rest of the day except at 7 there be dinner. Saturdays be free days but Sunday we had church 8 to 12 every Sunday.
It was about ten minutes until two and most of the day had gone by fine. All of today had been getting to know what each lesson was about and what we be doing over the summer. I hadn't really made friends with any one yet not that I want to. Most of the boys avoid me like the plague. I Hope to meet at least one person. Having no classes with Christ or The twins was very boring. After all the craziness last night today was proving boring. I walked into the class to see everyone already in small groups. I felt everyone turn away from me it was easy to tell no one wanted much to do with me. It didn't bother me I learned from listening to there whisper it was because of Christ. Apparently he meet trouble and no one wanted taking the chance of making one of his friends mad. Boring that's all today is. I sat near the back of the room not bothering to try to talk with anyone.
"Hello again Sparrow." A calm voice said from in front of me. I lifted my eyes from my shoelace that I had been playing with to see David and his group. There weren't as many here as earlier today but he still had about 5 others behind him.
"Umm hello again." I mumbled going back to my shoe lace.
"Do you mind if we sit with you?" He asked politely pointing to the seats next to him. I nodded no and they all sat. Luckily before he could continue to talk a old man in his 30' walked in.
"Hello everyone. Im Mr. Buckles (I couldn't think of a good name XD). This class is very simple if you haven't noticed there's alot of boys here in red correct." He said pointing around the room and sure enough half the class was in a red tee shirt or had a red pin on.
"Each Red will mentor another one so every one in red pick a partner to be your buddy. Your be the leader and helper to who ever you pick for the rest of the summer so pick wisely." He smiled giving everyone a moment to pair off.
"Well Sparrow would you like to have me as a leader?" David smiled confidently.
"Umm... well... I ca-" My words were cut off.
"Good then I'll be your leader." David smiled happily. Im sure I didn't agree but I couldn't argue with him. Mostly for the fact no one else would take me if I did. The teacher spent the rest of the time talking about what we be doing over the summer so luckily I didn't have to talk to David. As soon as the class ended I ran out towards the lunch room waiting. David seemed nice but the whole class he stared at me and not in the normal just trying to figer you out way. No his looks were like glares of death in a hidden wicked smile.

"Hey SPARROW!" Jazz yelled my name running up to me. Christ and Casket weren't far behind.
"Hi... how was your guys day?" I asked smiling up at them.
"Boring and stupid." Casket complained.
"Same." I laughed.
"Well lets eat or atleast attempt to with out dying from that stuff they call food." Christ laughed pointing towards the food. We all got our food. I settled on a salad because it was simple enough and I could actually tell what it was by looking unlike everything else.
"So Sparrow because we were to crazy last night tell us about your self." Jazz smiled.
"Umm like what?" I asked poking my food again.
"I wanna know why your name is Sparrow." Casket said first.
"My aunt named me Sparrow Snow. There her two faviote things. She couldn't have kids and my parents had already had three boys so when I came my mom let her name me." I smiled thinking of my aunt.
"Your Aunt sounds cool, dose she know your here...?" Jazz asked.
"Nope. Aunt Lilly left when I was ten. She was getting married to a women and my parents were super upset. I never saw her again after that. But somtimes she emails me and stuff." I replied.
"What about your brothers? How do they feel about you being here." Casket asked.
"Two aren't talking to me. Dave and John hate me but Timmy my oldest brother says I should do what makes me happy." I would go live with Timmy but he in the war. He isn't gay but he didn't care I was.
"What about friends? You seem like you be popular." Christ smiled at me.
"Ha I wish. I have one friend and Thats Alice." I laughed.
"Alice the girl you were texting this morning that said If anyone hurts you she's going cut off there balls and shove them down there throats?" He asked a bit of laughter in his voice witch made it sound hot.
"Yup that's her. She can be a little protective." I chuckled.
"Sounds like a fun kind of girl." Jazz laughed.
"Wanna see her pick." I flipped my phone open and handed it to him so he could she the image of her hugging me she took. As soon as I showed him he spit out a little milk in shock taking the phone.
"Dude she's hot!" Jazz praticly shouted.
"Her boob's are pressed against you face and you seem like its nothing." Casket chuckled.
"She likes to hug alot so it happens alot." I shrugged.
"Well if there was any doubt you were gay before this then that proves it."  Casket laughed.
"Yea well Jazz can I have my phone back before you try to rape it." I laughed pulling the phone away from Jazz. We kept talking mostly of me answering questioned they had. I also learned alot about them. Like how the twins were good guys they just liked pulling pranks and how Jazz wanted to be a arrest and Casket a writer. Christ was just a bad boy. he seemed to have gotten in alot of trouble and was very proud. He also had a sister who he loved and was two years  older then him named Beth. A brother who was a year older Named David who Christ didn't really like. Aka same David I was now partnered with. Christ wan'ted to be a singer but refused to let me hear him sing sadly.
"So who's your leader?" Christ asked me turning to face me.
"Leader?" I asked not really sure If I should tell them.
"YEa during the last class they let the reds aka leaders pick another kid to partner up with." Jazz said.
"Umm well... David..." I whispered not really sure how the take it.
"Thats it im going kill him." Christ mumbled getting up. I quickly grabbed his shirt trying to pull him back down.
"Please don't let's just forget it I don't want to cause trouble." I begged.
"But-..... Fine." He replied sitting down next to me.
"There's going be some Rules though." HE said looking over at me.
"Ok like what?" I questioned back.
"One he isn't aloud to touch you. Two You tell us everything he says. Three your never aloud to be alone with him. Four Dont take anything he offers..."
"Ok ok I get it. Why all the rules?" I questioned.
"You don't get it David seems nice but Trust us..." Jazz started.
"Its a act and he can do some really fucked up things..." Casket continued.
"Specifically if its to piss of me." Christ finished.
"Ok well im against judging some one on what others say but I promise to be careful around him if you guys don't cause any trouble with him." I replied to all of them. Jazz and Casket Nodded. But looking at Christ face I could see he was upset. He was staring off into the distance while the twins began to talk again. The pain look he had hurt me so I took his hand under the table. This made him look over to me and I just smiled at him hoping to make him feel a little better.
It worked he smiled back and we enjoyed the rest of our lunch.

The rest of the week had pasted with no problems... well kinda. Jazz got his head stuck in the bunk bed bar's but that's a whole other story. Most of the week had gone by in a boring yet fun way. Every Morin Christ dragged me out of bed. I spent most of the day by myself. I hadn't made allot of friends not that being alone bother me. David was nice. Every day I tried to ignore him for the most part but without being rude. David had big plans for me he kept saying not that he say what the plans were.  The week has been long but today is Saturday. Witch is going be the first day I get to go swimming. Christ promised he take me so now I'm rushing around the bath room making sure I have everything.
"SPARROOOOOOOW!" Jazz whined outside the door dragging out the O in my name.
"I'm coming." I complained opening the door.
"Yay! Lets go." Jazz cheered pulling Casket and me out the door.
"What about Christ?" I asked looking around the room for him.
"He's already there ... you really want to see him shirtless don't you." Casket smiled.
"Shut up..." I mumbled embarrassed. The twins were sure me and Christ would start dating soon. "Its not that I ever date a pig headed hot jerk like him...."
"You think I'm hot?" A cool deep voice laughed from behind making me turn around. Christ had that same cut smug smirk on his face.
"No." I relied turning on my heals to walk towards the water. I could hear Christ laughed more behind me.
"Will you two stop flirting and come on I want to swim!" Jazz whined. Jazz ran off into the water no wasting any time. I watched Casket take off his shirt and follow. Then took mine off and ran to the water after them. I was floating in the water looking up when I felt to hands pick me up out the water and toss me up. The water hit me and a went down and came back up gasping for air trying to figer out who did that. I turned to see Christ trying to hold in his laughter. I splashed him right in the face before swimming off. Not that I got far from him. He quickly caught up and everything turned into a splash war. We carried on for hours splashing and playing chicken. Before I knew it I was floating again looking up again. Christ was sprawled up grass shirtless. I admit I stared a few times but I couldn't be blamed. The man looks like a Greek god shirtless. Jazz and Casket were fighting over a duck floaty witch is silly because they both know how to swim but still I enjoyed watching them argue over it as I walked out of the water.
"So what do you guys want to do know?" I asked sitting next to Christ.
"ME and Jazz are busy we have to go hang out with our Red Leaders." Casket laughed putting air quotes around the word leaders.
"You two are going hang out with your leaders...?" Christ asked looking at them like they were crazy.
"Yup so did you or did you forget." Jazz butted in.
"That's right its the first Saturday of the summer... damn." Christ replied looking over at me.
"Wait why do we have to hang out with our leaders ?" I questioned A bit confused.
"Because today is the first Saturday of the week. As leaders we must get to know our follower better." We all turned around to look at David and his group behind us.
"What...?" I asked still confused. Christ was in front of me glaring at David as the twins stood beside us.
"I just came to pick Sparrow up. No need to get so upset." David said not taking his eyes off Christ.
"I'm confused still why do we have to hang out." I questioned wishing I had payed more attention in class.
"Every other Saturday you will spend with me." He smiled.
Everyone was frozen for a minute and while any question were going though my mind I didn't want to say a word. Christ and David were both staring at each other almost like they were talking and understood every word they said to each other yet no one else could hear.
"Well not to worry I see you a bit busy. I'll come by your cabin in 30 minutes to pick you up. Wear something nice." David looked me up and down witch embarrassed me a bit. I mean the man was no Christ by a long shot but having a hot guy look at me like a was meat was still embarrassing. I watched them all walk away and when They were finally out of site I try to turn but I was locked in place. I looked down at Christ arm that was wrapped around my waist and felt my face heat up.
"Umm Christ...." I asked.
"Wha-  Yes?" Christ asked coming out of his daze.
"Your arm." I pointed at it.
"What about it?" He smiled.
"If you don't let go I won't be able to get ready for David..." I replied. He pause for a moment like he was debating if he should or shouldn't let go. After taking a good moment still debating to himself I kicked his shin making him drop his hold and back up.
"Oww." He whined rubbing where I hit.
"Take it like a man." I laughed heading off towards the cabins. It wasn't like I want to leave Christ and go with David, but I hated to be late. Just a tick i have were being late would bug me. I steeped into the shower as soon as I got back. After about 15 minutes in the shower I walked out trying to find my clothes. I looked everywhere wrapping a towel around my waist. Finally after 5 minutes of looking I creaked open the door to look out.

*Christ Sexy POV =P*

Jazz and Casket wouldn't stop laughing after Sparrow ran off. I didn't want to let go of him. I liked how it felt to wrap my arm's around him. Not to mention it hurt watching him run off to go get ready for David. I didn't have to worry about my leader. It wasn't that I hurt him he just was scared of me, probably because of some lie David spreed about me. I lay ed down when we got back to the cabin. The shower was on and I could hear the twins talking and laughing but I didn't really want to know what they were up too. After about 10 minutes they laughed goodbye and ran out. I didn't pay much mind what was going on until I heard the shower stop. I listened to the sounds of rummaging around for about 5 minutes before the door creaked open. I tried to turn but my eyes locked onto Sparrow. His black hair was no a tad curly and dripping around him. He had a small towel wrapped around his waist.
"Where are my clothes?" He asked trying his best to cover up with no luck.
"Umm... what?" I mumbled like a idiot.
"My clothes? They were in the bathroom?" He asked looking around towards his bunk.
"I don't know..." I said letting my voice trail along with my eyes.
"Pervert... " He muttered walking past me trying to see onto his bunk. Being as short as he was he was standing on his tip toes witch brought him a inch from me. Without thinking I pulled his hand bring him onto the mattress with me.
"Wha--" He gasped  trying to figer out what just happen.
"I'm cold." I replied giving him my cocky smile and hugging him towards me. Half of me wanted to kiss him the other just wanted to make him nervous because it was so cute.
"I--- you----umm---go." He stuttered out try nervously trying to figer out what to say. I laughed at his awkwardness.
Before he could talk a knock came from the door. He stumbled up grabbing a random pair of his jeans from his bunk and one of my shirts from the floor.
"You get the door while I changed. He rushed towards the bath room. I grimly got up wanting to kill whoever was at the door.

*OK back to Sparrows cute POV*

My heart was beating faster then I thought It could as I slid down the door. I had ran In after what just happen grabbing what ever clothes I could. I admit I didn't want to leave that spot. I felt perfect and the idea of turning around and kissing Christ right then popped in my head but the embarrassment had caught me off guard. I heard small talking out side the door and began to throw on the boxer's and jeans I grabbed off my bed. They were nothing special but they would do. The shirt I realized was much to baggie to be mine and realized quickly it was Christ. It was wonderful. It was soft and smelled like hot pockets. (Sorry but I have two brothers and guys don't smell nice they smell like keep food and sweat =P) I could hear the voice getting more upset so i quickly added a little eye liner like Jazz had taught me. I loved the stuff now though when I first came i never thought I would. I pushed open the door to see David and Christ in another staring match. They both turn to look at me Christ smiling at my shirt and David frowning.
"Well Sparrow if you don't mind were be going..." He held out his hand.
"Just wait." Christ pushed his hand back down. "Where are you going?"
"Its a surprise." David smiled back. I stood between them watching them.
"Tell me." Christ hissed unamused unlike David who seemed to be enjoying things.
"Don't worry little brother I'll take good care of him." He replied pulling me out by my arm.
"I want him back in a hour and half... and I swear to god if you do anything to him I'll kill you."Christ hissed from the door angry pouring off him. David just waved him off before leading us away.

"It was about 10 minutes later when David spoke again.
"Here we are." David smiled opening the door.
"Your cabin?" I questioned walking into the cabin. It was large like ours but his only had one bed and a computer desk as well as a small table and book shelf.
"Yes do you like?" He asked closing the blinds and turning on the lights.
"It's big." I replied not sure what else to say.
"Yes well take a sit." He pulled out one chair from the small table for me.
"So what are we suppose to do?" I asked sitting down.
"I'm here to get to know more about you, make sure you feeling OK, and make sure you behaving like no improper conducted." He replied sitting across from me. I blushed thinking back to earlier on Christ bed. Sure we didn't do anything but that's mostly because he came.
"Hmm you have been behaving haven't you?" He questioned looking at my face.
"Yes!" I said admittedly.
"Really I'm surprise." He replied standing up.
"Surprised?" I questioned confused.
"Yes that my brother hasn't tried this yet..." Before I could understand what was happening I felt two hands hold my shoulders in place. Everything hit me so hard. Davids lips were on mine hard and hungry. I was pushing and hitting but not getting very far. David was strong and held me down easily. I closed my eyes trying to focus all my strength on getting him off. When he did let go I feel out of the chair pushing myself against the wall covering my mouth in shock. I stared up at David speechless unsure of what just happen. David laughed as I pushed myself as close to the wall as I could.
"I can see why my brother likes you so much, your so cute." He chuckled. "You can go now if you want but I wouldn't tell anyone about this. Think about it you tell and who's going believe you plus your get kicked out of camp and never see Christ again..." He whisper before I ran out of the room.

I walked back slowly with a thousand thoughts in my head...

How's that for drama?
Sorry if it isn't the best I'm at my aunts so I'm rushing but I wan't to write.
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*Christ POV*

I Hated every moment that pasted. It had only been 30 minutes since They had left but each minute felt like a life time. I hated the Idea of David even being near Sparrow but knowing they were probably alone pissed me off. David might be my older brother but we were nothing alike. He was always trying to make my life hell. Ever since we were kids. He told my parents I wanted to be a girl and told everyone at school I worshiped the Devil. I mean made I wasn't the most normal kid and sure I did love to listen to Ozzy but that doesn't make me evil. Plus David was a lier. He isn't the saint people think he is. He cuss, drinks smokes, and will fuck just about anyone. Or anything. He was like a mob boss. He may look nice but he ran a pure business in the end using his christian help groups to scam money. All over he was a evil guy and for every minute I had to spend thinking of him being near Sparrow made my blood boil. I have to admit after only A week I had fallen for this cute dorky boy. I loved how he never listened to gossip or spreed rumors. I loved how he danced and sung to himself. I loved how he loved every small animal we saw.

"Im back..." Sparrows soft voice said walking into the cabin. I admittedly looked up at him to see my shirt on him. It was two size's to big and was hanging off of one shoulder perfectly.
"What happen?" I asked pulling him down to sit next to me on the bed.
"Nothing we just talked." he smiled turning his head away a bit.
"Thats all...?" I asked not wanting to push him.
"Yup." He poped the p and smiled brightly at me. The smile that made me want to hug him so much.
"If he ever dose anything tell me. I will kill him, and dont worry I'll feed the body to a lion so no one will find out." I said giving him my grin.
"Thanks but where would you find a loin way out here. He laughed back.
"Im not sure but if its for you I do it." I replied.
We both stayed quiet for a moment until i turn to look at him. As soon as our eyes connected I lost it. I pulled him onto my lap and let my lips hit his. I couldn't help myself any more I had wan't to kiss his lips since I first saw them. The soft pink was wonderful. If there was a heaven it was on his lips. Everything about them was perfect but what made it better was when I realized he was kissing back.

*Sparrow's POV*

Christ lips were amazing compared too David. His were warm and soft and moved with mine perfectly. His lips soon made there way to my shoulder making me moan out softly. I tried to hold it in because of the embarrassment but I couldn't
"This isn't a Love Shack Baby" Jazz sang/said laughing.
"It's about damn time." Casket Joined in.
"Thats it im going kill you two." Christ mumbled glaring at them.
"No killing us we bring gifts." Jazz smiled holding out the McDonalds bag.
"I love you two!" I said jumping up and grabing the bag.
"Thought so." Casket chuckled.
It may not seem like alot but after a week of camp food McDonalds was heaven.
"So are you two now offical." Jazz asked.
"Yup." Christ smiled proudly poping the P.
"Did you two have sex?" Casket asked making me spit out some of the soda.
"No not yet you perv." Christ laughed.
"Then why is he in your shirt?" Jazz questioned pointing at the baggie top.
"Because for some odd reason all my clothes are missing." I replied raising my eye brows at them.
"O yea there under our bed." Casket said pulling out the bag and tossing it on my bunk.

We spent the rest the night laughing and talking and happily joking. The twins were taking bets on how long it be until we hooked up and Jazz had won. Everything was normal we all laughed and joked eating the fast food and dancing to our iPod. Everything That happen with David staying in the back of my mind but when I felt Christ arms wrapped around me I forgot all about it.
This was perfection I wished never had to end.

Sadly This is short and bad. I wrote a long awsume chapter but then My computer crashed and I lost it all. But I wanted to add a short sweet capter and make Sparrow and Christ a couple. So who got the Love Shack Joke? =P
Well Sorry it sucks next chapter will be much more fun, and David will be much more evil ^-^ promise!

Monday moring came much to soon for my likes. I could feel Christ pulling me up trying to get me to wake up.
"Come on its morning... Its pancake Monday." He whispered making me jump up.
"Pancakes!?" I asked happily.
"Yup now get dressed." He laughed pushing me onto the floor.
"Meanie..." I mummbled making my way to the bath room. Soon I was dressed and ready to go. I could here the twins auguring over something witch was a normal thing for them. I walked out of the bathroom and went to sit beside Christ.
"Sparrow! Tell casper to give me the shirt." Jazz whined pulling on a black tee shirt with some writing on it.
"Casper why don't you just give him that shirt and you wear the red one." I replied tossing a red shirt with a zombie at him.
"Fine but only because zombies are cool." He replied pulling on the shirt.
"Yay! I win." Jazz said happliy.
"Come on dorks lets go. Im hungry." Christ mummbled draging me out the door.
"You know I can walk." I said trying to touch the ground. Christ was holding me by the waist atleast a inch off the ground.
"Yup I know." He smiled.
"FOOD!" Jazz cherred happliy behind us with casper following.
"You seem very happy this fine moring." I low voice came from infront all of us.
"What do you want David..." Christ hissed.
"Just to see if my little buddie here would like to eat with us." David smiled wickedly at me. He was in basic jeans and a regular button up shirt that made him look a little hot, but no where close to Christ who had skinny s and a tight tee shirt. I tried to move but Christ still held me off the floor by my waist.
"He dosn't want anything to do with you so fuck off." Christ replied. His face was completely upset so I reached my hand up and held his witch seemed to make him calm down and ignore David for a moment.
"Fine. No need to get so upset, I'll just talk with you later. Goodbye Sparrow." He said with a small wink giving me chills up my spine. We waited as he walked away before Christ put me down.
"You ok...?" Christ asked me looking worried. More then I had ever seen him before.
"Yea fine." I replied trying to calm down.
"No your shaking whats wrong?" He more so demanded this time.
"He just scared me..." I mummbled. I didn't get a respond, I only felt him wrap his arms around me and pull me into a hug.
"While you two look cute and all-" Jazz started.
"-But if someone see's you we may get in trouble-" Casket continued.
"-and were going be late if we don't go." Jazz finshed.
"What have I told you about the creepy twin thing." Christ glared playfully witch made them laugh.
"Come on dorks lets go." I smiled pulling them along.

The day was peaceful sure not allot of people in class bugged me but I didn't care. Most the day flew by as I day dreamed. It wasn't until my last class when I felt some one sit next to me i realized what was going on. I turned to see David smiling at me.
"Hello Sparrow..." David smiled wickly obviously amused.
"hi.." I pulled myself closer to the window.
"You are adorable when your scared." He chuckled pulling my set next to him. We were in the back of the class so no one seemed to notice. I tired to pull myself away using but David wrapped his hand around my hand making that hard.
"I see you didn't tell Chris what happen." He whispered. I didn't respond because his voice gave me chills. I wanted to pull away but it was hard when you have a guy like that whispering in your ear. My mind kept jumping back to Christ witch made me want to pull away more.
"Your a good boy but If i didn't know better I say this is a hickey on your neck." He practically hissed the last part as he tugged on my shirt. Before I could repsond the teacher walked in witch made David let go of my shirt long enough for me too pull away. The hole class I had Davids eyes on my neck giving me chills. As soon as the teacher dismissed class I was ready to leave but I felt David pull me onto the chair. Everyone left the class room one by one until It was just us.
"Umm David I have to go..." I mummbled tugging on my hand. Davids eyes were on the table but his hand was wraped around my wrist.
"I've decied. Your going be mine." David laughed.
"What! I cant I'm wit-" I praticaly screamed.
"I know your with Chris. Don't worry. I get what I wan't. Your cute, almost like a scared baby kitten and your even a fun little toy." He laughed twisting my wrist witch made me yelp in pain.
"Let go!" I shouted pulling on my wrist. Everyone was mostlikly eatting so no one could hear.
"Now why would I do that?" He chuckled amused.
"Please... it hurts." I tuged harder. He didn't respond just laughed a little more before kissing my neck. The sudden feeling of his lips on my neck made me want to pull away but the moment i tried the grip on my wrist twisted making pain go up my arm. I finally gave up trying to pull away for he fear he break my wist. I could feel him on my neck witch felt good with his cool lips but no matter how soft his lips were or how good it felt my mind went back to Christ. Part of me wanted to enjoy it but I couldn't.
"Please stop..." I begged trying to keep my mind off of what was happening. He ignored me and kept going.
"HEY!" Casket voice yelled from the front of the class. David let go of my wrist  finally making me pull it to my chest trying to rub it to stop the pain. In the front of the class was
Casket Upset.
"Hello Casper." David chuckled amused.
"Come on now Sparrow!" Casket growled making me a little scared. I grabbed my bag with my good hand and ran over behind him as he walked out the class. I could hear David laughing but Casket didn't say anything he just stompt in front of me towards the woods. As soon as we were in the woods Casket turned around making me stumble back.
"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT!" Casket screamed upset.
"I...umm..." I mumbled stepping back not sure what to say. I had never been scared of Casket before this but at this moment  was and I had no clue what to say. I just stood shaking holding my wrist to me. Casket eyes lowered onto my neck then my wrist.
"What this." He hissed pulling my bad wrist up making me cry out in pain.
"Sorry.." He realized looking at my wrist letting it lower. I just tried to pull it back but he held it in place looking at it.
"So you weren't kissing him?" He asked finnally looking at me.
"Of course not! Why would you think that?" I asked confused.
"Come on we need to find Christ and get you some ice." He replied pulling me towards the cabin leaving me confused.

Sorry if it sucks at my aunts so I'm rushing to write >.<

*Christ sad POV*

"Dude, Sparrow is takken forever!" Jazz whined like a child.
"Fine lets go get him." I replied walking towards his class room. All the other students were in the lunch room or cabins.
"Do you hear someone talking?" Casket asked behind me.
"Yea It sounds like Sparrow..." I replied getting a bad feeling in my stomich.
We walked into the class room and I frozed. Sparrow had his eyes closed and Davids arm was wraped around him kissing his neck. David could see me and smiled happliy. I Just ran. Jazz was following me but I didn't care I keept running towards the cabin with the image in my head. It was the same as last year with Josh. Josh was sweet and funny and perfect until I came home earlly one day and found him and David fucking. Angry was pooring off me. I slamed the door of the cabin and feel onto the bed. It wasn't David I was made at. I knew David he was the type to do this but to see Sparrow there not even trying to pull away made me upset. Everything nice he ever said or dud was a lie.
"Chris...?" Jazz whispered sitting on the edge of the bunk. He never used my real name unless he was worried.
"What?" I asked a little too rudly.
"Im sorry dude." He replied patting my back. Jazz knew about Josh and he knew how I felt.
"It's ok." I mummbled into my pillow.
"No its not-" He was cut off my the door opening. Casket walked in pulling Sparrow behind him.
"WHY THE FUCK IS HE HERE!" I yelled pissed. Casket knew how I felt why would he side with Sparrow after what we saw.
"Just shut up and get me a Ice pack." He replied. Sparrow was shaking on the bunk. I could see Casket making him let go of his wrist showing a blue and purple bruse that was appering.
"What happen?" I asked worry now coming though my voice.
"David twisted my wrist so I wouldn't move." Sparrow voice whispered scared. I thought back to what I saw and I felt all my angry leave and worry wash over me.
"I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have gotten upset like that I just thought somthing else. Im sorry..." I mummbled pulling him into a hug. At first he pulled back scared but a secound later he wraped his one good hand around me and began to cry. His whole body was shaking with fear. After a few minutes his soft crys stoped and he clamed down.
"So what happen?" Jazz asked finnaly as Casket wraped up Sparrows wrist.
"David got upset." Sparrow began explaing what had happen. I stared at the now large hickey on Sparrows neck next to the small one I had given him. It made my blood boil wanting to get up and find David to kill him.
"Im sorry." Sparrow whispered.
"Why?" I asked him letting go of my clutch on the bed.
"Your upset now because of me." He mumbled lowing his head.
"Sparrow were never upset with you." Jazz responded quickly.
"Its David were mad at." Casket added.
"Thats right. Your part of our little faimly now so were never be upset with you." I replied pulling him onto my lap.
"But I-" Sparrow began.
"But nothing. We love you dude your like the little bro me and casket never wanted." Jazz laughed.
"We will be right back. Were going get you both some food." Casket said pulling Jazz out the door with him. After they left Sparrow turn towards me.
"ARe you sure your not upset?" Sparrowed asked worryed.
"Im upset, but not with you. Im upset with David for hurting you. As well as myself for not stoping it." I replied hugging him closer.
"Why did you run out?" He asked his voice a little horse form crying.
"David stolen someone from me before. I thought I lost you." I replied laying him down next to me.
"I wouldn't leave you and I never cheat. Im against it 100%" He asured me witch made me smile.
"Thank you." I replied kissing him.
"For what?" He asked a little confused witch made him look so cute.
"For telling me something I really needed to hear." I replied into the kiss. He wanted to say something else but gave up and just kissed backed. After a few minutes the twins came back in.
"Aww dudes not on my bed!" Casket complained. Jazz just laughed. I could feel Sparrow move under me getting up to help take to trays of food from Jazz. He took the food before sitting on my bed.
"Cock block." I mumbled sticking my tongue out at him before sitting on my bed next to Sparrow. They all just laughed at me and we began to eat. David was still on my mind but seeing Sparrow smile was worth ignoring David for a while. Soon after Sparrow ate He was asleep on my lap.
"So now what?" Jazz asked from his bunk.
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"We can't let David go with what he did." Casket replied looking at Sparrows now wrapped wrist.
"I know..." I replied watching Sparrow. His chest moved up and down softly and his face was clam. Everything about him was so peaceful and happy except the large hickey on his neck witch turned purple from being to hard.
"We will get him back wont we?" Jazz asked.
"Ofcouse we will. He fucked with our family this time he's going pay." I replied.
"Yay evil Christ! This is going be fun." The both did soft cheers not wanting to wake Sparrow up.

Yup this is going be fun. Fun for me at least. David better be ready for hell, I may be his little brother but this time I'm getting revenge.

Hope you liked im rushing to write so sorry if it sucks T^T

(About a month later.)

Sparrows POV

Morin came too soon, but for me its always to soon. I woke up before everyone witch was new to me so I decied to go for a walk. I had a good hour before anyone else would get up so I tossed on a pair of skinnys and a BVB sweat shirt. I somtimes use to sneak out of my house really earlly in the morings and walk around the block. Other then camp teachers mostly everyone was asleep. I let the fresh moring air hit my face before walking towards the short woods trails. There were a few people running and joging but mostly I was alone. I liked being alone every now and then because it gave me a chance to think. Alot had changed in the last few weeks. Mostly for the better but still not perfect. David hadn't bother me muched, but that was proubly because I avoid him like mad. Plus every day one of the guys picked me up after class. Saturdays when we were supose to hang out Jazz or Casket would tag along. Christ would somtimes but when he did things just became a staring contest so Jazz or Casket were better. David gave me nightmares. I wont lie he was hot but thats all he was. Christ was perfect, sure he was a bit cocky and stupid somtimes but I guess it was part of his charm. I keept walking until I hit the lake before turning back. It was ten minutes to the lake and ten back to the cabin. I was about half way back when I say David. I wont lie David scared the living shit out of me and so I took my chance and jumped into the trees before he could see me. He wasn't paying much attention to notice me so I just waited and listened.
"Did you get a hold of what I asked?" David voice questioned. He was slowly walking up the trail talking to someone.
"Yes, this is all the basic paper work about the kid named Sparrow." I heard a unknow voice
"Good." He paused a few feet away to look at somthing. I could here him fliping though papers.
"Umm Sir if you don't mind me asking why do you want this kid?" Another boy asked.
"The boss s-" I couldn't hear the rest of his words because the moring tumpet went off. I wanted to know what he was going to say but I ignored it and watched them walk off. As soon as he was out of site I ran to the cabin. The moment I open the door I was greated with a bone crushing bear hug.
"Where were you! We were about to go look for you." Casket says worryed. Christ had me in a bone crushing hug making it hard to replie.
"Moring... walk..." I gasped out.
"Uhh Christ?" Jazz questioned trying to hold in his laugh.
"Yes?" He replied not letting go.
"I think Sparrow cant breath." Jazz laughed finding me dying amusing.
"O. sorry!" He said worried lossening his hug.
"It's ok." I said breathing in.
"So where you walk too?" Casket asked. He was worse then a older brother somtimes, well technicly he is the oldest out of all of us.
"Just up to the lake and back." I replied trying to pick out a smiple out fit.
"Ok well me and Casket over here are heading out earlly. Cheerleading camp next door is having a lake day." Jazz said happliy giving us a wink before boncing out the door. Casket just laughed and followed. If i had to guest I say alot of kids my be 'sick' today. =P
"Hey Christ you got to let go." I laughed trying to get out of his grip.
"Aww why?" He whined.
"Because I need to go to take a shower." I laughed pulling out of his gasp.
"I could join you?" He smiled wickedly.
"In your dreams." I laughed back.
"Yup every night." He winked.
"I bet." I cuckled closing the door leaving him out there to whine.
I took a quick shower got ready.
"Todays Saturday. You know what that means." Christ said unhappily moping on his bed.
"Um Saturday, Spaghetti Saturday?" I asked. Setting down next to him letting him pull me into a hug.
"No!... Well yes but not the point. Today has been a month since you last say your faimly and today faimlys vist!" He whined.
"Really!?" I questioned not sure if I should be happy or not.
"Yea I think the list in the office said someone named Kyle, John, and Steve Smith are coming to vist you. Witch means I cant play with you at all today." He whined even more unhappliy burring his face into my neck. Funny how he acts so cool yet is such a child at heart.
"My brothers... hmm." I said unsure.
"Thats all you have to say hmm!? " A deep voiced laughed from the door way.
I jumped up to see all three of my brothers stood there. Kyle the oldest stood holding out his arms witch made me jump up admeditly to hug him.
"I'VE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!!!" I jumped up and down happliy pretty sure i screamed so loud Im sure they could hear it on the other side of the lake.
"Missed you too little dude." John laughed messing up my hair. John the secound oldest and loved to teassed me or anoy me.
"Who's your friend?" Stevie asked looking at Christ. Youngest but most protective of the three.
All my brothers knew I was gay long ago before I told my paren'ts so it was no trouble to them.
"Umm Guys this Is Christ my boyfriend. Christ this is my brothers." I said introducing them all.
"Nice to meet you." Kyle chuckled amused.
"Hello, sorry to hear my brothers holding you hosteg should I call 911?" John teassed.
"Hi." Stevie mummbled not to nicly."
"Hello pleaser to meet you all." Christ replied for the first time a little shyly. From suck a cocky know it all like him its a bit cute to hear him be shy.
"Well how have you been?" Kyle asked a worried.
"Actually great." I smiled when I thought about it.
"Wait great!? I thought you be begging us to take you home." John questioned confused.
"Why would i wan't to leave?" I asked back.
"Because you at a camp trying to change you and condemn you to hell." Steve scoffed <---- lol new fav word =P.
"Well yea but I made friends and it's been fun." I said jumping onto the bunk next to Christ.
"So your not completely miserable or going to ask as to take you away?" Stevie asked.
"Nope." I popped the p happily.
We talked for a few hours spending most the day catching up. Even Steve was warming up to Christ a little.
"Well then what are we going to do?" Kyle asked.
"Well most family's will be looking around camp or talking to teachers so you could do that or we could do something fun." Christ spoke up.
"Fuck that boring stuff I wanna have fun." John said bouncing up and down.
"Then off to the woods we go." Christ smiled pulling me up.
"Where are we going?" I asked more then ready to go.
"Were going go catch up to thing one and two." Christ stuck out his tounge and I just laughed. Ofcouse my brothers had no idea what it meant but I think it be a better surpise. After about 20 minutes of walking we came to end of the woods and entered a large filled. All different groups of girls were standing around some talking some streching some even doing flips in the air.
"Where are we...?" Kyle asked taking in the view. Kyle even though he was the oldest was only 21 because all my brothers were a year apart. Most the girls were 17 to 18 and the camp teachers were 20 or 21 so I could tell everyone was enjoying the view.
"CHRIS!" A high voice cheered from the side of us. I turned to see a blond hair girl running towards us her boobs going up and down to the point I thought they smack her in the face.
"Hi chris who's your friends?" She asked ignoring chris all togther and focusing on me.
"This is my boyfriend Sparrow and his brothers." Christ replyed pulling me a little away from her.
"O well Im Jenny one of the Leders at the camp her." She waved at all three of them pushing her body in a atempt to be sexy.
"Where's the twins?" Chris asked looking around the camp.
"Over hitting on the girls in the lake party." She said pointing towards the lake were most girls were dancing to bad pop music.
"I think I see Jazz making out with the girl in the pink." I pointed out.
"O ok cool. Will you three be joining us down there or staying up here with these girls?"
"Im going with my brother ofcouse." Stevie hissed pulling on my other arm.
"I think I'll stay up with with Jenny." Kyle smiled ignoring all of us.
We just schook are heads and laughed walking away. Half way to the hill I relized John was long gone so I wasn't going bother finding him. Im sure him being the playboy he is would be fine lost in a camp of girls, and well a few guys. There weren't many but there were a few guys here who did cheer. The boys weren't all gay I could see a few making out or flirting with girls.
"So where are we anyways?" Steve asked looking around.
"The cheer camp next door. Theres different camps all around the lake this one and on the other side a music camp." I said pinting around the lake. Most the camps were basic camps nothing special.
"Thats nice." Steve mumbled staying at my hand. I looked over to see me and christ were holding hands and I hadn't even relized. Christ wasn't even looking at us he was looking at Casket who had about 3 girls around him.
"Hate to interupt what looks like fun but Sparrows brothers came to vist thought you may want to say hi." Christ laughed relizing only Steve was still with us.
"I love to say hi but Sparrow shouldn't you be getting ready?" Casket asked me.
"Ready for what?" I asked confused.
"Its saturday. Your supose to spend a hour with David." He reminded me.
"O shit!" I said complettly forgetting.
"Come on were go get ready, Casket this is Steve Sprrows brother. Show him around." With that me and Chirst were running back to camp not giving anyone a chance to agure.  Once we were back I didn't bother changing. I was in bright blue skinnys and a cookie monster hate with a plain black shirt. I did we do my hair quickly.
"Ready?" I asked Christ who was mummbling upsetly to himself.
"Fine." He sighed like it was the end of the world.
"Drama queen." I chuckled walking out side with him.
"Are not." He pouted folding his arms over his chest.
"Are two." I teassed back.
"Chris! Sparrow! Perfect timing." Mr Gumption called in front of us.
"damn..." Christ mumbled.
"Hello Mr Gumption." I waved a little. HE was nice, a bit happy go lucky but nice.
"Hello Sparrow I have to take Chris with me for a while I hope you don't mind." He said pulling Chris with him.
"Umm..." I mumbled not sure what to say. I watched Chris try to argue and get pulled away. There was no point and standing around waiting besides with all the teachers and kids and family around David wouldn't try anything. I just had to stay out side. Then the sooner I get this over with the sooner I get to go back to the cabin. I walked to the a Cabin and knocked.

"Hello Sparrow... wheres your body guard?" David smiled wickedly.
"Christ got busy... can we just get this over with. say what ever you have to say so I can go." I mumbled.
"Come in." He offered stepping aside. I could see about 5 boys inside talking.
"I think i'll stay out here if you don't mind." I replied trying to make my voice firm. David didn't replied just pulled me in by my arm making me lose my balance and fall.
"Boy's this is Sparrow he came to visit with us today." David smiled locking the door.
"I have to go Christ wi-" I was cut off by Davids laughing.
"Christ is going be gone for a while visiting with our parents. Im sorry I tried to help you." David said walking towards the others.
"Umm what...?" I asked completely confused.
"Hello you must be Sparrow." A voiced said behind me. A tall women was behind us. I had seen her before though we never talked. I knew enough to know she was a camp teacher. She was young only like 20 and all the guys loved her. I guess because she looked kinda like a porn star.
"hello ma'am...?" I said in more of a question.
"What a shame you seem like a nice little boy but you broke the rules." She said looking me up and down.
"What...?" I was complete lost.
"You poor dear have no idea what's going on do you." She laughed.
"Im kinda confused...?" I replied honestly.
"Let me explain I'm Kathy. I have you hear and I had to get Christ and all your other friends distracted so I could talk to you." She said calmly taking a seat. I was still on the floor.
"Why me?" I asked confused.
"Your dating Chris, He belongs to me, I tried to warn you and I've sent my boys to break you up but you just don't listen." She hissed.
"Umm you do know Chris is gay right?" I asked.
"He's just confused! He just need's to learn Im perfect for him and he will. But you are in the way." If looks could kill I be six feet under with the looks she was giving.
"Sorry but confused or not he's with me and I may not be perfect for him but he doesn't seem to care." I smirked. Sure I was probably pissing her off but to bad he's mine.
"Well I was going to let you leave if you agreed to break up with him but now I think I'll let my boy's teach you a lesson. Come on David lets go talk with Chris and your parent's so he knows Sparrow he is safe and doesn't have to worry or rush back." She laughed. With that her and David left. I turn around to see 5 boys standing over me grimly.
I keept backing up until I hit a wall looking for a way out....

I think that's good for now =P
So yea David wasn't the real evil I just needed him as set up character. Davids not all Evil just following orders. Kathy on the other hand is going cause allot of trouble. As for poor Sparrow the poor kid im not going say whats going happen to him but feel free to take a guess. ^-^ now if you don't mind I have to feed bob. Bob is my imagine pet zombie.

*Christ POV*
I watched Sparrow as i was pulled away. I couldn't argue with my uncle he was to busy telling me about my mother and father being here and how I had to see them before they left. I don't know why last time I saw them it ended with them calling me a failure but part of me did want to see them. As fucked up as they made me feel they were my family. Then again so was Sparrow in my mind. The idea of him being out in the camp alone bugged me knowing that his family and the twins wouldn't be back for another hour.... well if the twins came back at all. I couldn't text anyone my phone was in the cabin. Talk about perfect timing to forget it. Well Sparrow's a big boy he'll be ok for like 20 minutes right?.... Fuck!
"Chris honey how are you?" My mother asked. We were in my Uncles cabin witch was more like a small house.
"Fine." I replied.
"Are you busy?" My father asked a bit anger in his voice.
"I was." I replied hoping short answer will get this over with faster.
"What were you doing that could be more important then your own parents?" My father he asked in that annoying better then you voice.
"I was visiting David." I hissed back knowing he wouldn't say anything bad about David.
"David? Is he helping you become right?" He asked. The little bit of happiness when he said Davids name upset me.
"No actually I'm a leader to Chris little friend Sparrow." David said walking into the room with Linda... I swear if I never see this girl before then It be too soon. Linda was bat shit crazy and yes that's putting it nicely. I dated her for a week when 13. I kinda felt bad at first because I only used her to see if I was really gay or not. Then i dumped her and came out. The only problem was now she's kinda obsessed with me. She has my parent's wrapped around her finger they think it be great if we got married. After I dumped her she followed me everywhere, told people we were still together. When I started dating others the bitch made deals with my brothers. She get's him to scare away everyone with his little gang.
"Hello Mr and Mrs Gumption. How are you." Linda said is her overly sweet voice. She used it when ever she wanted something.
"David! Linda, how are you." My mother replied happily getting up to give them both a hug.
"Fine ma'am you look wonderful as always." She said using that sickly nice voice.
"Thank you. What are you doing at this camp." My mother replied letting by father by to hug them both.
"Linda is a camp teacher at the camp now." David said using that same annoyingly fake nice voice.
"O wonderful. -Chris where are you going?" My mother questioned. I had been slowly making my way towards the door hoping to think of a good lie so I could run out.
"I have to go get my friend now." I replied getting ready to turn and run out.
"What is your friend 6, I'm sure he can take care of himself while you visit with your family." My father said. I couldn't argue so I went back to my seat in at the table. Linda came next to me happily pulling her chair next to mine. For the longest time everyone talked happily every minute passing made me feel worse. David was here so I assume that mean's Sparrow went back to the cabin but I stilled worried. I also wasn't enjoying sitting here alone when I could be with him.
"I'm going to get a drink..." I mumbled going into the kitchen. After a minute of sipping cold water I felt someone's arm's wrap around me.
"You look good tonight." Linda whispered in my ear. I quickly pushed her off mostly because with all the perfume she had one I felt the need to throw up.
"Go away." I replied stepping back so I could face her.
"Now don't be like that." She pouted putting her hands on my chest.
"Don't touch me Linda." I hissed putting her hands at her sides.
"I just want to show you some fun." She smiled wickedly lowing her shirt to show more of her boobs. Not like every guy here hadn't already seen them.
"Fun is with my boyfriend." I laughed rolling my eyes.
"You mean that little Sparrow boy." She paused to laugh. "He's nothing but a child compared to me."
"I rather he be a child then a whore. I should get back to my cabin so I'll be living now." I hissed back.
"Come on now forget the little boy wouldn't you rather spend time with me. Bedside's sparrow is probably having lots of fun with the boys I paid to take care of him..." Linda whisper the last part only for me to hear then turned catching my arm and hugging it. I looked at her and realization hit me. David would flirt or hit on my boyfriends sure but Linda was a fucking crazy Bitch. She broke a girls arm just for looking at me when we were dating. Another reason I happily dumped her.
I pulled Linda's arm off me and began running out. I could hear her protest but I didn't care. I just wanted to get back to the cabin and see Sparrow safe.
I busted into the cabin but no one was there. I cheeked the bathroom and beds but It was just as dark as we left it. I grabbed my phone running out with it. The wind was blowing harshly outside. Most family's were saying goodbyes and people where already inside or gone.
"Please pick up..." I mumbled pulling out my phone and calling Sparrow's number. I was already running towards David's cabin. The last place I saw Sparrow was heading towards David's cabin.

*Sparrow's POV*
I felt a hand connect to my stomach before I could move. Then another, and another. After a while I lost track of how many times I was hit. I looked up and realized we weren't in the cabin, we were in the woods. I was being dragged but i had no energy to kick or run I just kept my hand over head looking around. I could barley make out the cabin lights and the camp the father we went. Screaming be no use, I had been screaming this whole time and no one came. Each hit and kick set pain thru my body. Every hit making me scream more then the last with no use. I could hear them laughing as they hit taking turns and enjoying it. After a moment I my head hit a rock making everything blur. I could feel the hitting stop and hands on me but I couldn't figer out what was happening instead I let my eye's shut close. My body got colder with every moment I laid on the floor. I felt my body get lifted off the floors. Who ever it was they were talking to me but I couldn't make out words. I tried to open my eyes seeing nothing but a dark blur. I couldn't take it anymore so I let myself sleep as the stranger carried me off.

So yea sorry its short but hope you like.

*Sparrow's POV*

I could hear soft laughing and people talking when I woke up. My bodies was sore to say the least. Truth it felt like I was hit by a car but I forced my eyes open and sat up any ways. The sun was coming in though the windows in the cabin and I could feel the soft bed below me. This wasn't the normal cabin though. The walls were bright green with dinosaur all over it like a kids room. Each bed was a bright neon color blanket like pink yellow red and blue, the one I was on was blue.
"You shouldn't be sitting up just yet." A soft voice said walking over to me. There was a boy with bright blue hair smiling down at me getting me to lay back down.
"Where am I?" I asked hearing how shaky my voice was for the first time. Using my voice made me realize how much it hurt and how dry it was.
"Camp Free Draw. Want some water?" He asked holding a small bottle water.
"How I get here?" I asked after sipping the water.
"I was out yesterday drawing and I found you. When I tired to ask you your name or cabin you fainted so I brought you here. You stuff is right here I cleaned it off but you phone is going off like mad." He laughed showing me a small bag with my clothes inside. I looked down to see I was in a different shirt and pants from the other day and felt my face burn up. It's embarrassing to think anyone say me like that.
"Relax Liz changed you, she's lesbian though before you get any idea's." He laughed noticing me face. His hair just barely covered his eyes but you could still see the bright brown under and the smiled that went across his face brightly.
"Um I'm sparrow, thank you for helping me...." I trailed off realizing I didn't know his name.
"River, River Davis. and don't mention it." He smiled again tossing me more clothes.
"Thank you... you really like blue don't you." I chuckled looking at the bright neon blue pants and a hello kitty shirt.
"Yup best color ever!" He laughed shaking hi head like a rock star.
I'll go get something for you to eat, you can change and call back your friends they must be worried its all ready mid day." He said just before my phone went off again. River laughed before walking out so I picked up.
"Hello-" I asked getting cut off.
"SPARROW! WHERE ARE YOU! ARE YOU OK? WHAT HAPPEN? ARE YOU HURT?----" Christ asked talking a mile a minute. Worry was coming though his voice and I could hear the twins in the back ground.
"Christ.... Christ....CHRIST!" I shouted trying to get his attention.
"Yea?" He he asked catching his breath.
"I'm fine, a little sore but fine. I'll explain what happen when I see you. I'm not to sure where I am, a bright blue cabin with dinosaur on it." I laughed looking at the silly drawings on the wall.
"Dinosaurs...? Did you hit your head?" He asked sounding worried again.
"I'm at Camp Free Draw. A boy helped me yesterday after I got hurt can you come get me." I asked and finished getting dressed. The shirt fit good but I think it was a girls shirt.
"Yes were  be right there just stay there, dose the cabin have a number?"
"Ummm...." I paused not sure.
"Cabin 21 but just tell him to look for the cabin with a large make shift dinosaur outside. trust me its hard to miss." A girl laughed followed in by River who had a tray of food.
"Cabin 21 with a dinosaur out front?" I kinda asked looking at the girl. She had a bright pink hair and bounced into the room happily.
"I'll be right there don't move." Christ said before hanging up.
"Sparrow this is Ki Ki. Liz is coming soon she's out with Jen working on getting some pictures." He said handing me some food.
"Hello Ki Ki. Thank you." I said taking a bite from the food. It was a simply  cheese pizza but with the food It  tasted great.
"It's four cheese pizza, I wasn't sure what you like so I got this." He smiled jumping onto a bean bag next to the bed.
"It's great." I said taking another bite.
"So what happen to you, River said he found you getting beat up by some boys." Ki Ki asked out of no where.
"Um my boyfriend crazy stalker lady." I said not really sure what to call that bitch Linda.
"She had a bunch of boys beat you up?" She asked.
"Yup pretty much. She said the Christ is just confused and is in love with her... witch doesn't make since cause he's gay." I laughed.
"Sound's like a crazy bitch."  Ki Ki laughed as well.
"Is Christ the one coming to get you?" River asked laughing a little as well.
"Yea him and the twins I bet." I replied knowing they were all probably freaking out. All three of us talked about everything. I learned that Ki Ki was Rivers sister. Liz, and Jen were his cousin. I guess you could say they were all artiest in there own way. River was a writer and reader, Ki Ki loved to draw and Jen loved to take picture. Liz was a dress maker.There were each super nice and fun. Ki Ki loved me for the simple fact I was cute like a doll as she put it. We talked about who we were and bands and music. Lots of music because River and Ki Ki kept pausing the conversation to dance. It was about 20 minutes later when we heard a knock on the door. It was a bit of a panic ed one.
"Come in!" Ki Ki yelled. The door open slightly then I felt arms warp around me making me fall onto the bed.
"Careful boys we just fixed him, you don't wanna break him again do you?" Ki Ki laughed along with River.
"Sparrow are you ok? I'm so sorry. Look at your face. I'm going to kill them! I'm so sorry..." Christ said holding my face his emotion going from worry to sadness to anger to worry.
"I'm fine, just a little sore... could you guys let go a little it kinda hurts..." I asked wincing at the pain from there hugs
"Were sorry we should have stayed with you yesterday." Jazz apologized.
"Yea were sorry, I'm going kick those boys ass when I see them." Casket said using his scary voice.
"It's fine. I'll be ok besides I meet some new friends meet Ki Ki and River the one who helped me." I said pointing over to both of them.
"Thank you..." Christ mumbled, he didn't look up, his head still barred in my hair.
"Yea I heard you did a number on those guys, even broke one's leg." Casket said smiling at River like he was impressed.
"I didn't really mean to hurt anyone I just wanted to help." River replied.
Then I saw Jazz.
"Jazz maybe you should pick your jaw off the floor." I laughed looking at him and Ki Ki who were both and awe of each other.
"Ki Ki? You in there?" River asked waving his hand over her face.
"Yea um anyways how long are you guys staying?" Ki Ki asked. So cute how her and Jazz avoid each others eyes and both blushed maddly.
"I'm going take Sparrow with me. The twins can stay." Christ said picking me up easily making me cling to him so I wouldn't fall.
"Well come vist us again soon." River called.
"Bye Sparrow." Ki Ki laughed.
Outside was just as colorful as the insides. Each cabin had crazy colors and random images on them. The students were just as open with colorful clothes and hair.
"Were are we going?" I asked after we were in the forest.
"Our Cabin ofcouse." He chuckled amused like it was obvise.
"What if someone see's you caring me?" I asked as we reached the forest trail. The sun was bright and I could hear people every where but I couldn't see any near.
"Who care's. I can't let you walk on your leg." He replied worried looking at my wrapped foot. It wasn't broke but it hurt.
"I'm sorry." I said softly curling into his arm.
"For what?" Worry coming though his voice.
"For making you worry so much." I mumbled ashamed.
"Don't say sorry for something that isn't your fault. It's my job to worry about yo and to make sure nothing bad ever happens to you and I fucked up I ----" He keept being hard on himself. Just going on and on about what happen and how he messed up.
"Christ... christ... christ?" I keept saying trying to snap him away from his rant with no luck.  I picked up my head to look around to see if anyone mostly teachers were near but no none were near. So I looked back at Christ ranting paying no mind. I lifted myself up and did the only thing really that would shut him up, I kissed him. At frist no respons then he slowly gave up talking and met my lips. We let each other stay togther just holding for a minute enjoying that moment before breaking apart again.
"Just so you know I don't care about David, Linda, or anyone else aslong as I get to go back to you. Don't be so hard on yourself thats my job to nag you." I teassed and cuddled back to him.
"Deal come on lets go back and watch sponge bob." He laughed heading towards the cabin. I didn't care about the stares or looks we got I just clung to his shirt and let him carry me back.

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I'll try harder

***Like a month or so later***
*Sparrows POV*

My leg is all healed. It took a few weeks I ended up spraining it but It was finally better now. I wasn't at our cabin though I was at River's and Ki Ki's who I visited every day. Sometimes they came to our cabin but the tended to stand out. There camp didn't care as much if we came over. I was over to see River for a important reason today. Mostly I needed a outfit a good one. It was mid summer witch meant it was time for the midsummer dance. It wasn't our camp having the dance it was the cheer leaders but they invited all the other camps. Normal I wouldn't waste my time going to a dance but this was going to be mine and Christ first date.
"OK so what about something green like this zombie shirt?" River asked holding up the shirt.
"This is a dance River, Its suppose to be bitch theme, zombies aren't beachy." Liz said annoyed. Liz didn't hang out with us much she was always busy but when she heard me and River talking about what to wear she decide she had to help.
"Well then what do you think he should wear?" River asked though up his arms and falling onto the pile of clothes that now  cover the floor.
"Hmm.... Try this." She said giving me a pair of white skinny and blue top while pushing me into the bath room.
"How do I look...?" I asked steeping out of the bath room. River had fallen asleep on the clothes so he couldn't see me.
"Its missing something... hmm..." Liz mumbled flipping River over so he landed onto the floor. I held in my laugh as I watched Liz dig though the clothes.
"Here put this on top." She said handing me the small white vest.
"OK umm how's this?" I asked looking over at them.
"You look hot, my work is done." Liz said happily picking up her bag and stepping over River who was rubbing his head still.
"She's right your going kill at the party tonight." River laughed looking at the mess of clothes on the floor.
"Thanks for helping me get ready, want me to help you clean up?" I asked looking at the mess of the room. Well it was always a mess with these guys but maybe more so today.
"Nope you got a date witch your already late for." He laughed looking at the clock. Yup he was right I was atleast 20min late and the dance already started.
"O shit! Thanks so much for helping me I better get going." I laughed walking outside the cabin.
"Yea, you better hurry so you can spend the hole night making out in the bathrooms." He teased because truth was thats what most the kids did if they didn't want to get in trouble anyways.
"You sure you don't want to come... Casket will be there?" I laughed watching him play with his lose thread on his shirt. His faced turn bright red at that.
"Yea I'm sure dancing isn't my thing." He said trying to hide his red face. He liked Casket and i could help but love to teasse him for it.
"O well thanks again. I owe you" I said standing on my tip toes to give him a quick peck on the check and hug.
"Tell Liz thanks too." I called running off towards the cabin.
"Sure!" he called after.

*At the cabin*

"Im here." I called out when I got to the cabin.
"Casket and Jazz left already cau---" He let his words trail off when he caught site of me.
"Sorry im late." I said trying to figer out if he was upset for it.
"Worth the wait." He chuckled pulling me over to him so his arms wraped around my waist. His warm arms almost made me want to forget about the dance and stay warped up with him.
"We better get going were already pretty late." I said pulling away but still holding his hand.
"Do we have to? I much rather stay here and see whats under these." He mumbled lowly into my ear  tugging on my pants.
" Perv..." I mumbled trying to hide the fact my hole face was now red. "Come on I want to dance." I smiled pulling him out the cabin with me.
Once we got to the party everyone was dancing. The adults mostly hung around the table with drinks and snacks but that to the trees and rocks on the beach the couldn't really see who was dancing or talking with who. We danced for a hour or to letting the music fall into the background of the random talking and singing we both did. The cool air came off the water and my shoes had somehow vanished into the sand not that i cared or wanted them back. I just let everything the camp, my family, and all the other bullshit vanish. It meant nothing compared to these moments here.

*Christ Smexy POV*

I didn't like dancing or even the pop music that was being played. I didn't even want to go to this dance but watching Sparrow laugh and spin and sing along to every song made it worth it. I had dragged him to the other side of the creek behind the trees. It wasn't that i didn't want to be on the side with everyone else or was more I hated how everyone was watching him. Ok maybe I'm a bit pardoned or jealous but he's so damn cute. Everyone watching him was like a puppy at the mall. All the girls giggling and laughing just kinda pissed me off.
"I'm tried." Sparrow laughed letting out a big sigh before flopping back onto the grass.
"Want to go back to the cabin?" I laughed
"Noooo! I haven't gotten to watch the fire works with you." He whined a bit like a child giving me large puppy dog eyes.
"OK, how about I get you a drink then?" I smiled.
"Pretty Please with sugar on top." smiled sweetly.
"Sure I'll be right back don't move." I responded standing up.
"Yes SIR" He laughed giving me a small salute.
I wasn't worried because I could see the spot where he was from across the beach. He was far enough away so you wouldn't be able to see him unless you were looking but close enough for me to keep a eye on.
I grabed two sodas giving the lady a dollar for each before turning back. Sparrow was curled up into the grass watching the water. I began walking back towards him before I smelled that over powerful perfum drift by me. I didn't have to look to know who was behind me.
"Chris Honey! Fancy seeing you here." She said in the fact sweet voice she had wraping her arms around mine.
"One im not you honey, two let go." I said tuging my arm away.
"O Chris don't Im here as a friend, I want to offer you my shoulder to cry on." She said giving me a small hug.
"Why would I want to cry? I asked like she was crazy.
"Well because Sparrow is with that blue haired boy now?" She said with a sad face like she was upset for me.
"You mean River? River and Sparrow are just friends." I laughed like she was crazy.
"If you don't believe me look here." She said handing me her phone with open to a small photo. I didn't want to but I took the phone and zooming in on the small photo. I could see Sparrow on his tips toes his head covering up Rivers behind him. Rivers face was hidden but the hair stood out as bright as ever and his face was flushed pink. Both wore wraped up into a hug or worse. It looked like they were kissing.
"I'm sorry I thought you knew everyone one else dose, He's always at Rivers cabin all day and there so close..." She replied trailing off. Maybe she kept talking but I wasn't listening I wanted to know for myself. I felt my heart drop looking at the picture.
"Well I can see your busy I leave but If you need anything Im here for you." She said giving me one last hug before walking off.
I stood in that spot taking in what I just saw. I wanted to forget so much what I just saw. I couldn't be true.
"Christ..? Are you ok, you look upset." Sparrow asked rubbing my arm worried. His face looked so sweet and senser but that image hunted my thoughts more then ever. I pushed the drinks in his hand running off.
He was lieing.
It was just is a lie.

Ok so yea I know some of the stuff is spelled wrong and its short. One I had another account on my computer with this story written along with all my other stuff but It got a vrise. Any ways I had to delete it and got bum out because I lost like 5 chapters but Im back. Im going start writing again and sorry this is short and spelled bad Its 1am and i need to go.
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What will happen guess were just got to wait and see.

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*Sparrows POV*

Normally I be loving Christ long legs but this was one time I was cursing them. He was way to fast for me to keep up. It took only a few minutes before I lost him and I wasn't even sure why he left to begin with. After he was gone for a few minutes I turn just to see him spaced out. Something happen but I had no idea what and even worse I had no Idea where to go. I was lost in the woods with no phone or idea where to go. Air was wiping though the trees and was hitting me on the face hard. I was still running at my full force in the direction I had last seen Christ running. I  didn't know If I was right but I was at least determine to run after Christ.
"Where do you think your going?" A voiced sickly sweet called from behind me making me twist around to look. I assumed it was some teacher but no it was much worse.
"Hello Sparrow. How are you?" Linda walking up behind me slowly.
"Where is he!?"  I didn't bother with details I had seen her at the party and I had been running so the only way she would have beaten me here was if she knew where Christ was.
"Probably picking up the piece of his heart you broke." She said with her sickly sweet voice. Don't get me wrong I like pretty much everyone. I'm a easy to get along with person, but this bitch is just plain psycho even for me.
"What do you mean? I didn't do anything to him?" I know I didn't do anything I wouldn't hurt him.
"Thats not what he thinks..." She laughed showing a small picture of me and River hugging.
"So I hugged River? He's a friend big deal." I was ready start walking again I didn't want to waste more time here.
"Are you sure? It doesn't look like a hug to me..." She said glancing at the picture again.
"Poor Chris all alone and sad, heart broken by another boy. You know he acts so tough and brave but being cheated on so much has made him insecure. Good thing I'm going be there for him." She said re applying make up.
"Who says, I'll tell them the truth and then he'll understand." I tried protesting back. She was close enough now to make me want to gag on the perfume she was bathed in.
"I guess Chris never told you. Your just a last fling before he marry s me next year." She laughed.
"OK are you crazy he doesn't even like you what makes you think your going marry?" I asked. I  was almost sure she has lost it. I was already walking but she was close following. We weren't far from camp I realized when I saw the water we had some how ended up on the cliffs edge. Its where most campers came to hike or walk its nice with the water below to watch I could even see the party a little away.
"Its already planed his parents have a church and told all his family and mine. Truth is your just in the way. Now that he see's how you are nothing but a lie er and fact he'll come to me and were be perfect. " She continued rambling mostly to herself.
"What even makes you think I let that happen. I'm going to tell him the truth the moment I see him. Then what?" I asked a little pissed at the thought of her marrying him.
"Your not going tell him anything your leaving. I already told your parent's and sent them the pictures of you hugging Chris and that other boy. They aren't happy... Something about sending you to your grandmothers in Alaska." She laughed.
"What the hell, I cant go to Alaska! Are you crazy this will get Chris and River in trouble too!" I shouted growing annoyed by the minute.
"Don't worry your not going to Alaska you see you were so ashamed of being gay and disappointing your parent's you decide to kill yourself. You jumped off this cliff letting the water wash you away. Poor by just couldn't take it. It's happen before everyone will be sad and upset at first but there move on. As for Chris I'll be there to hold him when he hears the news of you body washing up. He'll cling to me and were live happily ever after..." Her voice was darkly cold and her eyes match. Then I saw it, a small knife she had in her hand. Everything about her was wrong with what I thought about her she wasn't crazy ex girlfriend she was a psychotic killer.
"That be murder you know..." I wasn't being smart I was just talking trying to distract here as i moved away from the cliff side, trying to put my back to the mountain.
"It's not, divine punishment. God told me to make Chris mine that we belong together. So I'm going to get you out of the way then I'll tell Chris the great news." She laughed sending me chills. I wanted to back up but she held the knife up to me and i had no doubt she stab me with her eyes.
"The great news that you killed me?" I asked sarcastically, witch may not be smart with a person holding me still with a knife.
"No silly that I'm pregnant with his baby. After I get him tonight and comfort him I'll make him go to sleep with this little pill and then in a week or two I'll tell him this bundle of joy in me is his and he will have to marry me. He'll forget all about you and only care about me and his child." I wanted to protest to fight her and run for my life but that was it. the small push she gave was enough to send me back into the shallow waters below. It took no time for the water to fill my lungs and let everything fade into black. I just wanted to scream for help.
Not to my father or mother.
Not to my brothers or family.
Not even to my friends or God.
All I wanted was to scream for Chris. Not to save me but so I could warn him and save him.
But now it was dark and all I could do was fall asleep.

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*Christ POV*

I had ran off to the other side of the cliff, there was a small opening in the rocks almost like a shallow cave. Most people didn't know it was here because it had been hidden by small srubs. It was also close to the edge of the cliff witch most avoid so they wouldn't fall. They should put railings up but the I guess no one ever got around to it. Thats why I loved this spot so much though. It was open and you could see the water below, quiet giving me time to think. I knew I was wrong to run, at first the picture had scared me but I knew it wasnt real. Well atleast not they way Linda made it seem. Sparrow always had a cute way of kissing someone. Whenever he did he had to wrap his arms around my neck so he could pull himself up even on his tip toes he was always a inch to short. I knew they were just hugging but I was still mad at myself. I always fall for these stupid ticks. No matter how cocky I may act I felt so tiny and pathetic. Even worse I let my fear's  hurt Sparrow over and over. I could hear him so close in the distance talking with his best brave voice. But the fear was still there. Before this i thought maybe he was calling for me but listening though the wind made it sound differen't now. His voice held tones of anger and saddness but the underline fear it held bother me the most. another voice was close by two but from my spot i couldn't make out any words. I inched close leaveing the small cave towards the voice's.

The wind hit my face hard letting me know how cold it really was. Though the trees on the other side I could hear the two voice grow louder the agurment growing. I let my self stand with my back to a tree and listen in closer.
"That be murder you know..."
"It's not, divine punishment. God told me to make Chris mine that we belong together. So I'm going to get you out of the way then I'll tell Chris the great news."
"The great news that you killed me?"
"No silly that I'm pregnant with his baby. After I get him tonight and comfort him I'll make him go to sleep with this little pill and then in a week or two I'll tell him this bundle of joy in me is his and he will have to marry me. He'll forget all about you and only care about me and his child."
I was complete confused in many ways so I moved around the tree. Linda had a large knife to Sparrows neck keeping him where he was. I froze not with fear but anger that I had sat back long enough listening to let things come to this. My body told me to run and tackle her But my mind knew better. If i tackled her from the back she could easly stab Sparrow. Sparrow who had a brave face on wasn't even looking at me he was trying to avoid the ledge with little luck. Before I could react I saw Sparrow begin to plung over the side of the cliff a blood curling scream being let out as he feel to the bottem.
The air grew colder at the second and hit my skin hard as I ran out from the trees. I gave no time to let Linda protect herself I just shoved her forward with all my body stength letting both of us fall after Sparrow. Linda eyes grew with fear and she witched out her arms trying to get a hold of me but there was no time. It wasn't like the moves where everything slows down and I reach out my hand, insted the water below came up to me fast frist in golping sparrow then myself. The water felt like smooth rock slaming aginst my skin. My frist reaction to scream in pain was quicky over powered by eyes seeing Sparrow Below me. His eyes closed and mouth open taking in the water. I swam ignoring all the pain that ran though my body. Linda wasn't far away with the knife she once tried to use aginst Sparrow now in her breast sticking out of her chest. Once I had Sparrows arm I kicked up pulling him with me. My lungs burned with the need of air and my head was spining from the lack of it. Everything on me wanted to give up but I felt Sparrow in my arm limp making me kick harder.
The air hit my skin like ice from the cold. I opened my mouth taking in all the air I could. It burned aginst my lungs filling them quickly. The spots and spining that filled my head faded into the background. I held Sparrow above the water trying to get his heart beat up. I took in all the breath I could and blew it into his mouth. After a few times of repeting this his lips parted and he began to breath slowly on his own. I watched his lips move slightly with each small breath. Voice's had now filled all around us and there were people all around us. Adults and Kids had gathered from the party that was down the beach. I pulled Sparrow up onto the beach with me letting the water hit my legs. Engry that had once filled my body when swiming was drained and my body gave out. I layed on the beach as Adults pulled us up higher and ran around trying to figer out what to do. There voice faded away quickly for me but my eyes where locked on Sparrow. I didn't care if people saw or what they thought I let my arms wrap around Sparrows body.
He was safe thats all that mattered.

*SParrows POV*

I woke to a few different and annoying beeping. I could hear people talking but it felt fuzzy for the most part. I opened my eyes blinking a few times to adjust to the sudden light. Obvise I was in a hosptail but why. I rember the party... Then Christ... and then Linda. Linda, she shoved me. I never thought she was that crazy, A little anoying and mean maybe but she took it to a whole new lever. If I was pushed into the water somone must of pulled me out. Did Christ know I was here. Christ name rushed though my head making me sit stright up. That wasn't the smarts move I made wires pulled. Beeping went off and the room flooded with people rushing around me. After the panic stoped and everyone left I was left with a doctor.
"How are you feeling?" He asked looking at the computer.
"Fine, can I have a phone!?" I asked a little more panic then I should be.
"If you want to see your faimly there right out there but we need you too talk to the police first." He said waving towards the door so the police could come in.
"Listen I didn't try to kill myself no matter what the bitch told you!" I said angry and upset and a litttle confused.
"Ok, well how about you tell us what happen at this party..." One of the man asked fliping open a note book. The other a tape player. I went over everything I knew from the party to when She pushed me.
"After she pushed you into the water what happen?" He asked confusing me a little.
"Im not sure I say the water then when I hit it i felt my head hurt and feel asleep.
"So you didn't see the boy Chris who saved you?" One asked.
"Chris? He's the one who saved me?" I asked.
"Were not too sure from what we know from people at the party and your testomony.  You fell into the water and a boy named Chris jumped in after pulling you out of the water. The lady name Linda was feel into the water as well. Linda I saying you attacked her with the knife and Chris tried to save her and pushed you off but you all feel." He said. I wanted to think this was a joke but he was completely serious.
"Why would I wan't to stab her!? She's fucking crazy!" I yelled a little pissed.
"From her words she said Chris had dumped you for her." He said like it made complete sense.
"Are you kidding she's fucking crazy even Chris knows!" I said amazed that anyone even belive her.
The police look like they were looking over there notes. The spent a minute or two talking to themselfs before turning back to me.
"Well your good, your story matched up with the other boy Chris so were be leaving. Thank you for your time." The men said before turning to leave.
"Wait! Can i see Chris!?" I asked sitting up again making the motor beep again.
"If you promise to sit back quietly I let your family and friends in the room. You need to sit back you still have a small concussion and water in you lungs.

I waited sitting back in the bed like a chair. My parents came first running into the room upset. Both begging me to forgive them though they did nothing wrong. My brothers each followed giving me bone crushing hugs and smiles. They each cryed and smiled seeing me sitting up. Soon after the Twins came in making me smiled when I saw Jasper holding River's hand and Casper's arm around KiKi. Even Liz was there giving me a hug. I wanted to be happy. All my friends are there and my faimly was happy to see me but that was all. It ment nothing because all I could think was Chris.
"What wrong?" Liz asked being the first to see my face.
"Wheres Chris...?" I asked worried he was hurt...
"I'm coming?" A horse voice called.
I pulled myself up looking so I could see who it was. I could see Chris wheeling himself into the door way a cast wraped around his foot. He smiled the minute he saw me but my heart broke seeing him. I felt awful knowing he was hurt for me.
"Don't look at me like that I'm fine." He said lifting himself onto the bed beside me with my the twins help.
"Im sorry, I shouldn't have ran off or le-" Chirs started. I clamped my hand over his mouth not letting him finsh.
"Chris do me a favor and shut up!" I laughed cuddling up under his arm so he couldn't leave.
This was how it should have been like to begin with with faimly and friends and Chris safe and happy.

._. I wish I could be push off a cliff to be saved by a sexy guy like Chris.

Its Sparrow. Alot happen after the hosptail. My parent's are still getting use to me and Chris on there own time but the love to vist us now. My brothers often vist when they get time. Ofcouse Its kinda hard now that Chris and the twins are on tour. The twins and Chris started a band with KiKi and It got big. Gotta love youtube. Liz stayed close too becoming the bands fashion expert. River is a reporter and runs a only blog witch dose pretty good. Plus he can stay close to Jasper this way. I always knew they make a cute couple. I even hooked up Alice and Liz who hit it off great. If I didn't plan on other things I be one hell of a match maker.
Everyone's been doing great, the travling is kinda hard but being with Chris makes it worth it.
I myself im just working on finshing my college degree. If all gose well I'll be starting my own camp. Ofcouse It be a free love and art camp for anyone and everyone. I plan to start my camp next summer for everyone. Ofcouse It will have to be after the wedding. In May in Newyork. Christ wan'ts nothing to do with the planing but thats ok because Liz, Alice and Kiki are more then enough.
I love to stay and talk but this is the end. Atleast for now.
-bye bye

The ENd
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