Adult D) Random: Harry potter having sex in a taco truck with Elmo...

Just a heads up before you read this, its all a joke. Its just for fun. Also its slash and mature so two guys will have sex and it will give some detail. So if that isn't your thing walk away now...


     The day for Harry was off to a better start then most days. Voldemort was now dead and the war was over. It was also summer witch normally would be a bad thing but today was a Dursley free day. The Dursley had left earlier in the week for a businesses trip. This trip meant two weeks without them witch was fine by Harry. Plus It seemed like the universe decide to cut him a break because the Fair was in town. The Fair was filled with people and kids running from ride to ride with candy in hand. The point was to celebrate America and was filled with American themed food, rides, and mascots . Harry had never been out of England but if the Fair was anything to go by he have to visit one day.

For Harry’s first taco it was pretty good. Of course never having a taco before he didn’t have much to compare it too. It was as he was finishing that another person came and sat down across from him. He was expecting another human not a giant fluffy red man with a giant smile and orange nose. 

“Umm… Hello?” Harry asked a bit confused on who or what he was talking too. The red man didn’t answer but just gave a small nod. The both sat in silence as Harry finished eating. All while eating Harry could feel the gaze of the strangers eyes. The man across from him was silent and wasn’t eating he just watched. Normally being watched bothered Harry but this mans gaze was unsettling in a whole new way. His gaze was making Harry bothered in a whole other way that went right to his pants. Harry wouldn’t say he was gay, though it didn’t take long for him to decide Ginny was more of a sister rather then a lover. Right now he was battling a blush that was creeping up his face. A small wind blew making a chill run up Harry spine. 

It wasn’t a minute later that the rain started and people everywhere were running for cover. Being almost two hours away he jumped up looking for somewhere to take cover from the storm. Before he could think much on this a soft red arm wrapped around his waist and pulled him into the taco truck. The soft fur rubbing his waist sending soft chills down his spine. The truck was silent except for the soft breathing from Harry himself. The silence wasn’t that bad but the cold from the storm was getting worse. The man in the suit was fine likely because of the fur. Harry wasn’t so luck but the soft fur covered arm that was still griping his waist was a warm contrast that he slowly began to lean into.


This is where things get smexy so if you want to skip do so now.


As soon as Harry leaned into the arm it tighten around his waist and the other soon joined. Normally Harry would jump away at this but at this moment his body was wasn’t listening as much. It didn’t help that this strangers hand had gone down a little father and was rubbing him in a very sinful way. The little rubbing from his pants soon had him arching softly in a attempt to gain more fiction. The other hand soon traveled up higher making the fur rub against his chest. The hand that was rubbing his pants soon slipped under the waist band of his pants. With a little help from Harry himself they were able to pull his pants down and get them out of the way. With them across the truck it didn’t take long for the rubbing to become to much for Harry.

 Only minutes after Harry cumin the man had flipped him onto his stomach and was working on his ass. For the most part the man was still in costume except for his gloves being pulled off and the bottom part of the suits being pulled down just enough for him to pull out though. It started soft but after a few minutes of mewling on Harry’s part the fingers pulled out. Before Harry had time to complain though he was  soon filled to the brim. It was more then any of the boys at Hogwarts had ever gotten him too. The small pain was nothing compared to the great pleasure that was coming with him. If you asked how long it was after that neither one could tell you. All Harry knew was by the third time his arms gave out under him and both were left gasping for air. The panting soon quieted down and Harry was able to realized the rain had stopped for the most part.



Smexy Part is over =P


Slowly the man pulled on his suit and made his way out of the truck but not without one last wave and what, if Harry had to guess, was a smile. After casting a quick cleaning spell Harry quickly pulled on his pants and made his way to the exit of the park. Just as Harry was walking out he saw a small stand with a key chain that had a red fluffy creature. He picked it up and looked at the soft little fur before turning and asking the women what it was.


“O, that’s Elmo, he’s a kids cartoon character.” She replied looking at the small key chain. With a small smile Harry paid for it before sticking the key chain in his pocket and walking off. 




Yup so this was one of the oddest things I have ever written. Its mostly a gag fic because of some comments from a you tube video…


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