Dark Energy

So I was in science class and my teacher told us to be creative and come up with where we think dark energy comes from and well this is what I think.

Dark energy comes from the emotions of the nether creatures. The nether creatures are from the moon Netheworpa that holds the dark creatures. This moon would be the opposite of Aura. Aura holds the good creatures and gives off light energy witch blances the universe by making planets become stable and hold the abilty to have life while dark Energy gets rid of planets and life. Both though are just moons to the plant Equilibrium, A planet that holds all creatures of all the galaxies. They do not live in harmony but insted of a mix of both good and bad. Both moons are traped in its orbit and the its the planets pull that keeps both in a balance of each other so neither side gains or gives off to much power....

So yea that happen... My science teacher wasn't to impressed but my english teacher liked it. ^-^


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