Far Away (Chamber Academy)

Again one of my first stories. Its not great But I figure I post all my older stories first the ones I dont really care for just to get it out the way. Since these stories I've gotten books and taken classes on writing a better not so blah plot but I still cant bring myself to delete my old stories so here it is. Enjoy.



Chamber Academy, a school in the middle of know where that all the out cast and trouble makers where sent to. It wasn't the worst school in the world, there weren't many jocks or preps witch was always nice. The school was well know for taking in trouble teens, not in a goal to make them better it was more like a day care for teens. No one cared if you cussed or how you dressed or how you did in school, and since most the kids that were here where delinquents fighting happen all the time. Truth is the school was just where they sent kids that had no where else to go.

        That's why i was being sent there. My name is Alice Curse, and i have no last name. I gave it up years ago after it kept getting changed. I'm 17 i have no family. I did but my parents got divorced when i was little, soon after my dad killed himself and i was put in orphanage. They tried to find my mom but she had gotten remarried and changed her name. At least that's what the people said, Those helper people for the kids. Truth is i think they told her and she didn't want me. When her and my dad divorced she took my brother and left me. My brother said he be back and left me a necklace so he could find me but i never saw him again. I didn't really care i learn to relie on myself fast., I learn to cook clean and fight. I had myself and that was all i need. I guess that's why i was being sent to the Academy, no one wanted me so this was where the government thought i fit in best and get in the least trouble.

So here we go new year, new school, and i was as ready as i could be.

Chapter 1

Welcome! I Balding man with a bad com over was standing infront of me. He seem too happy but i just gave a nod and kept my head down. The school was a old brick building with a larger building behind that looked more like a apartment complex ed then dorm rooms.
"Its not every day we get a girl at our school so its a pleasure to have you here." The man said smiling at me then looking over to talk to the social worker. It was almost 8am and i was ready to just find my room so i could go back to sleep.
"Trent, come here please." The man called to a boy passing by.
" Yes Mr Rug." The boy replied, sleep still in his voice like he had just woke up.
"Show Miss Curse to the office to get her room number and class schedule." Mr Rug replied. I was trying not to laugh at Mr Rug's name when the boy started walking in front of me. I looked at the back of Trent's head as he walked. For the most part he was normal in jeans and a tee shirt but his hair stood out allot. He had black bangs over his eyes in front but the back of his hair was spiked in all different ways and looked like fire with a mix of red and orange.

"Hello Trent.... O who's that behind you?" A blond hair women i guess about 30 asked from behind the counter. She looked down at me behind Trent and smiled.
"The is the new girl." He replied moving to the side so she could see me.
"Um hello..." I said looking back down at my shoes.
"You must be Miss Curse. Hers all you paper work your need for class. Your rooms 23a. I'm sure Trent can show you the way." She replied in a cheery voice that almost made me want to gag.
I looked up to see Trent watching me be for turning and starting to walk off.
"Come on this way..." he said letting his voice trail. As soon as we were out of hearing distance he turn to me and said
"That was Ms Chamble. Shes nice but shes so damn happy its not human like." He smirked I laughed a tiny bit never looking up from my shoes.
"So whats your name?" Trent asked smiling down at me.
"Alice Curse... no last name just Alice Curse." I stated still looking down.
"Hmm... Alice, Now why is a shy girl named Alice at a school for punks?"He question.
"I have no where else to go." I stated simply deciding i didn't need to bother with details.
"Well at least there will be something pretty to look at first once." He smiled and gave a bit of a wink.
We walked for a few minutes longer and he talked about the school. How most the boys where punks that everyone smoked in the woods behind the parking lot.
"Well here we are." he said stopping out side the door with 23 on it.
"Thank you for helping me." I replied looking at the door.
"Heres my number in case any of the boys give you trouble you can call." He slid me a piece of paper then bent over to my ear and whispered, " Or if you just get lonely and want some one to cuddle with at night."
He gave a smile and a wink be for turning and walking down the hall.
I smiled to myself looking at the number be for sliding it in my pocket and walking inside.

Chapter 2

I began to open the door and walk in but stopped at the as soon as i saw two boys fighting on the floor. At first i thought they were really fighting but i could see them laughing. They both stopped and looked up at me and i looked back too my shoes. I waited as both boys stared at me, i wasn't sure what they were going to say to me.
"HI!" The boy that was on top the other said in a 5 year old voice.
"Sup, you must be the new girl." The boy on the laying on the ground with a cookie in his hand.
I nodded my head a bit and closed the boy as both boys began to get up.
"I'm Alex and this is Chris." Alex stated as Chris began to eat the cookie.
"HEY!" Alex yelled. "That was my cookie."
"Nope, It was mine." Chris stuck out his tongue.
Both boys began to fight again and i couldn't help but laugh watching them argue like kids. Alex and Chris looked allot alike but Alex was a bit taller and had green in his hair while Chris had blue.
After fighting for another minute or two both boys started to laugh and get up again.
"Well sorry about that like we were saying were Alex and Chris your room mates. We already Put our stuff in our room but yours is right over there." Alex said and pointed to the second door around the corner.
"So whats your name?" Chris question.
"Alice... Alice Curse..." I replied looking at them both.
"Cool, wanna cookie?" Chris asked pulling another cookie out from his pocket.
"Hey! That's not fair!"  Alex pouted.
"Um no thanks" I replied.
As soon as i did Chris ate the cookie and Alex began to fight again. I laughed at them both fighting over the cookie before grabbing my bags and walking to my room. The room wasn't huge but it was nice. It had a desk against the wall and a bed up against the window that faced the parking lot and woods. I unpacked everything and looked at the room. After hanging up my band poster and a old old picture of my brother and me i looked at the clock. It was already 7pm so i changed into my pajamas and walked out to the living room.
*Sleepy time clothes*
Alex and Chris where watching something on MTV but both stopped to look at me when i walked out. Alex smiled and Chris jumped up and dragged me to the sofa to sit between them.
"Well since we will be room mates lets get to know each other." Alex smiled.
"Lets play truth or dare!" Chris jumped up and down excitedly and looked at me.
Normal i say not to a stupid game like that but they kinda reminded me of little kids so i agreed. "OK sure."
 "Yay I go first!" Alex jumped up and down in his seat. "OK Alice, Truth or Dare."
"Truth" i replied.
"OK why are you at this school."
"No where else to go..."
"Hmm... Fair enough ok your turn."
"Umm ok Chris truth or dare?"
"Umm I dare you to drink that hot sauce on the table." *There wasn't allot  in it only a little left.
Chris chugged the bottle then tried to smile, but jumped up to the sink and started drinking the water from the tap. Me and Alex laughed and all three of use played the game for a hour or so. Alex and Chris where brothers, Alex older by 3 minutes, and both where completely dorks. They got sent here by there dad after getting in one to many fights. Chris was gay and got picked on allot so Alex defended him. It was fun to watch how close they were but i did miss my brother watching. I wonder if i had gone with him if we would have been so close. Alex and Chris reminded me of being with old friends like i knew them both so well and we all talked like we had know each other for years.
We all talked for hours and watched a few movies. We watched The grudge and i laughed as Chris hid behind me. Before long i fell asleep. This school kept seeming better and better, i was almost excited to start school tomorrow...

Chapter 3

I woke up to Alex screaming at Chris in the shower.
"Hurry up! other poeple have to use the bathroom!" alex yelled.
I could hear chris yell somthing back but didnt really listin.
I grabed my clothes and started getting ready for school.
*wearing this first day ^-^*
I walked out my room and Alex and Chris were fighting over the toy in the cereal. I just laughed and looked at my class schedule.
"Cool you got Science with me first period." Chris said from behind me.
"Do i have any other classes with you guys?"
"Looks like you have 1 period and 3 with Chris and you have lunch and 6 with both of us." Alex replied now also behind me reading over my shoulder.
"Ok good" I smiled, happy with the thought i wouldn't be all alone.
"Yea well we should get going if we want to get there in time." Chris said already grabbing his bag by the door.
We walked down the hall parting with Alex half way as he turn to go to his class. Chris was as happy as ever talking about a anime he was watching. I tried to ignor the fact that almost everyone was watching me brushing it off like i was just being silly.
"Yo" a fimilar voice came from behind me.
Chris and I turn to see Trent smiling behind me.
"Hi again" i replyed smiling a bit.
"Hey Trent, whats up?" Chris said.
"Not much just wanted to see if Alice was ok glad to see she's with you."
"Yea, she's mine and Alex's new roomie."
"Cool well what class you going too?"
"Science A" i replyed.
"Same here!" He smiled his eyes lighting up.
Trent and Chris talked the most along the way smiling at me and acting like dorks. Once we got to class everyone stoped and looked at us. Chris Ignored them and pulled me to the back seat. As we walked i could hear a few laughs but what made me mad was the hand i felt. Trent and Chris were infront of me but i felt a had grab my ass and i gasped. I turn and glared at the guys laughing but Trent just pulled me next to him and wispered in my ear to ignore them. We sat in the back of the room Chris and Trent on both sides of me. I was listing to Chris and Trent talk when they both stoped and Trent sat a little closer. I looked up and saw a tall boy maybe 6'2 with a small group of boys behind him. He smriked at me and started walking over with a group of boys behind him.
"Well Hello Trent and Chris, whos this pretty girl here." He said with a evil smirk on his face.
"This is Alice are new friend." Chris said grabing my hand under the table.
"Well hello Alice, Im Jeff." The boy replyed looking at me.
i just noded my head. Somthing about him worryed me.
"Why so shy? I wont hurt you why not come sit with me." He smirked reaching and grabing a bit of my hair. Before I could responded i felt Trent pull me to him. I looked at Trent. His eyes where locked with Jeff and he was staring daggers at Jeff. Before anything could happen the teacher walked in. Jeff smirked on more time at me before walking to his seat. The class started but Trent didnt let go of my waist me and Trent passed note as Chris texted and sleept for most the class.

*Note conversation*

Sorry about Jeff, hope he didn't scare you.

No im fine but why dose it seem everyones staring?

Because theres only 2 girls (other then you) in a whole grade, Girls are rare here so the guys tend to jump on them.

O great =.=

Dont worry you got Me... and Chris and Alex.

Thanks ^-^

Anything for a pretty lady

I looked up and he was smirking and i couldn't help but blush.
The rest of class was mostly just passing notes.
Finally lunch rolled around. Alex and Chris where sitting at the lunch table fighting over witch was better chocolate milk or regular milk. Trent was just watching as i sat down.
"ALICE!" Alex whined like a five year old. "Tell Chris chocolate milk is the best!"
"Is not !" Chris replied sticking out his tongue.
"Im more of a tea person sorry." I laughed at them taking my seat.
"TRENT!" Alex whined
"O no don't drag me into this im drinking soda."
I ate and watched the guys argue and talked about there new classes. I was enjoy it until a wicked laugh came from behind me.

"So your the new B*tch" A female voice rose behind me giving me chills...

Chapter 4

"Hello Debbie, hello Becca. What do you two need?" Trent said a bit coldly.
I turn to see two girls and a group of boys behind them. Debbie was tall and had Black hair with pink in it and didn't seem to happy to see me. Becca was behind her, she had blond hair and was sharing the same glare as Debbie.
"I just wanted to meet the newest student to our lovely little school." Debbie replyed with ice in her voice.
"So whats your name?"
"Alice..." I replyed.
"There you meet her now you can go." Trent said annoyed.
"O no now why would we do that i think i should have the right to she the bitch whos been spending so much time with my ex."
"Leave her alone why should it matter who i hang out with like you said where ex's..." Alex voice came from now where. I turn to see him and his face was stone. He was showing no emotion and his fist where bawled up but his eyes where soft and and misty.
"Is she why you dumped me before school started so you could fuck your new roomie!?" Debbie's voice was pissed and she was looking at me with daggers in her eyes.
"Us breaking up has nothing to do with her." Alex replayed dryly looking away.
"Come on lets just go..." Becca said trying to pull Debbie away.
"Fine... watch your back bitch." Debbie threaten before walking away.
After she was gone the table was quiet. 
Alex just kept repeating "Im sorry."
"I dont really under stand what happen or who that was but you didnt do anything wrong  so stop saying sorry." I spoke up handing him my last cookie to try to cheer him up. I really didnt care about what happen with alex and his ex, and it wasnt really my bussiness but i could tell what ever happen alex didnt want to talk about it.
"Thanks..." alex replyed.
The rest of lunch endded and i walked to class. I had 4 period witch was mostly a study hall. I was happy to have a study hall but i was a bit disapointed because i was alone. Or atleast i thought until both Debbie and Becca walk in and lucky me no teacher to be found...
"Well look who we have here..." Debbies voice filled with ice.
"Hello again." I replyed before going back to my work.
"Pay attentions when im talking to you!" She slammed her hand on my desk.
"What would you like to talk about?" I asked putting on a smile.
"Dont Fuck with me you know what i want to talk about. You've been fucking my boyfriend!" She screamed.
I sighed and looked back at my work. "Well technicly you two are broke up and i....."
I was cut off by a fist hitting my face making me fall out my chair.
"Your going reget that..." I said standing up. She looked so happy standing there that she didnt see my fist hit her stright in the nose. I jumped on her and started punching her right in the face. The class started screaming and the boys from neighboring classes begain to come watched. She got one or two hits to my somich and chest but i had her face. I heard trent yelling saw the teachers watching, no one was stoping us so i did. I stop half way though and stood up.
"What are you doing?" Debbie question me not understanding why i stoped.
"You hit me i hit back now its over." I replyed simply. Everyone just watched me.
"What do you mean now its over! You stole my boyfriend its not fucking over!" She yelled.
"I didnt steal anyone atleast not that i know of and while i like alex as a friend i havent slept with him. If your really this upset tell him, dont just get mad and blame me." I reached out my hand to help her off the ground.
She stayed quiet... everyone did. After a minute she started to laugh and took my hand.
"Your crazy you know that." She said in between laughing. "You kick my ass then help me up whats wrong with you why are you being nice if i've been nothing but a bitch too you!?"
" Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned." I replyed.
"Umm what?"
"Buddha said Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. It means that if your going to be mad you can try to blame me but in the end your be the ones whos hurt not myself."
"Your a strange person but you know what i like you. Plus you throw a good punch so thanks i need that i that... O but if you ever hit me again i'll kill you got that bitch." She smirked before walking away. The teachers sent everyone to there class and wispers where coming from every where.
"Are you ok?" Trents soft voice question. He looked at me with deep blue eyes. This was the first time i was so close to his face. I could feel his breath and i froze. His eyes where scaning my face and i could feel it swelling it up.
"Come on." he grabbed my hand pulling me with him.
"Wait umm what about class?"
"Im taking you to the nurse." he said grabbing my bag.
Trent started to walk out the door, the teacher just nodded when she say my face.

~Later that day~

I was stepping out the shower when i saw my eye. It was bruising up and was a bit swollen but it didn't really hurt. Trent insisted on having me lay down and stay in the nurse. I try explain i was fine but he wouldn't listen. I really couldn't agrue with him, he wouldn't listen and his worried face was so cute for some reason i couldn't fight him i just kept going back to the look on his face and smiled to myself. I walked out and nothing was new. Alex and Chris where playing xbox and fighting over the chips. I watched for a bit before pulling out my phone. I took out Trents number from my desk and began to text him.


Hello its Alice ~Curse13

Hey! glad u txt m3 ~Tman3

lol just wanna say tnx 4 2 day ~Curse13

4 wat? ~ Tman3

4 helping m3 & taking m3 2 the nurse ~Curse13

Np i was happy to help but b carful plz... g2g some1 here see ya tomorow... ~Tman3

Night night =3 ~Curse13

I watched the boys play video games for another hour but my mind kept graviting to Trent. His silly little smile and the way his eyes furrow when he was upset or worryed. I drifted to sleep still thinking of him...

Chapter 5

~2 months later~

Its been 2 whole months since i started school and i was the happiest I've ever been since i lost my brother. Even if it wasn't typical I had my own family.  Alex and Debbie worked out there problems and got back together. I wasn't jealous, i was truly happy for them we all are. Debbie is like my mom sometimes she always watching what i wear and making sure i do my home work. Chris started dateing a sweet boy name Luke. Luke was nice and him and Chris where like my brothers. Becca was cool, she didn't date anyone but she didn't want to. After i got to talking with her we made fast friends and she even says I'm her little sister she always wanted. As for me and Trent even though i wouldn't say it i can honestly say i love him. He's just funny, nice, smart, kind, silly, random, and all around perfect... but I'm afraid he only See's me like a little sister like the others. I'm happy though, even if its not the most normal family it was my family.

The sun was shining into the room making it light but it was freezing in my room. I reached for my blanket but that was a hopless atempt because De (aka Debbie dosn't like Debbie) and Becca where beside me and both had the blanket in there hands. It was sunday so no school witch ment sleep overs. My bed was nice but not 3 people nice so as soon as i attempted to move i fell off the bed. No one woke to the thump so i queitly made my way to the bath room for a shower. The shower was warm and calming compared to the weather outside. It had been frezzing now that the winter was here and in a week everyone be going home to vist faimly for the holiday. I wasnt to happy because i would be alone. I didnt have anyone to vist and i didnt really want to vist anyone from the foster homes. I would be alone for 3 weeks but i didnt want to bother anyone else, they had faimlys its better to let them go be happy. I sighed steping out the shower to get dressed until i relized i forgot my clothes... I could hear everyone was up. Alex and chris where fighting over cookies and Debbie was complaining i was taking to long and she needed to do her hair and Everyone else was talking to each other.
I could do 3 things -
A. Try to get to my room without anyone seeing witch would almost be imposible seeing as i had to walk across the living room to get there witch was where everyone was. B. Ask Becca or De to bring me clothes witch was a bad idea seeing as last time they dressed me up i looked like doll from a Japanese horror movie. Or C. hide here and hope everyone left....
"ALICE! Hurry up we want to go to town for breakfast and i need to do my hair!" I heard Debbie scream.
I grabed a towl and steped out.
"Sorry here you go..." i said running off to my room.

*Tylers POV*

The moring was as crazy as ever. I woke up and could hear Alice in the shower. I had fallen asleep with alex, chris, and luke. The Girls where asleep in alice's room. I laughed kicking Alex telling him to get up. He just moaned and tossed a pillow at me. I headed to the kitchen as everyone started getting up. I grabed some water and turn on the news. To say the least no one was really a moring person here. Chris and Alex started fighting over the remote when i heard the shower stop.

"You guys want to go into town for breakfast?" I questioned.
Alot of sures and yea and whatevers where mumbled by everyone.
"Arg! Alice needs to hurry up i need to do my hair!" De started complaining. Everyone got ready witch was easy since we all praticaly lived here we all had clothes and things. It was 15min later and everyone was mostly ready execpt Debbie who was banging on the bath room door for Alice to open up. Alice steped out in a short white towl clinging to her body, her hair was starting to dry but water was still driping off it landing on her chest. If the towl was any shorter i would have died.
"Sorry here you go..." Alice voice was the sweetest thing and her face was bright red with embarasment. She ran into her room not looking up, i couldnt stop looking at her door hoping she come back out. But was brought out of my spacing by fingers being snaped infrount my face.
"Earth to Tyler." Alex snickered.
"Crepper." Chris teased.
Everyone was laughing, they knew i loved Alice. I had since the first day i saw her. She was just so perfect i couldnt see how anyone couldnt love her but she just looked at me like i was a older brother or friend. I wanted to tell her how i felt but i wasnt sure how or when. In a week i have to go back for holidays to vist my faimly. Alice will proubly vist her's. I wonder what her faimly was like, she didnt talk much about them and all i knew was the necklace her brother gave her. She told lots of storys about when they were kids but thats all she would talk about. Maybe today i try to get her to say more or atleast i get a idea of what to by her for christmas because so far i had no luck.

*Sorry its short i'll wait more soon i just wanted to add a silly funny chapter =)

Chapter 6

 I ran to my room avoiding eye contact with everyone. I may consider them my faimly but its still embarsing to think Trent saw me half naked.
I sighed and got changed...


When i walked out everyone was ready to go and it was my first time seeing the town even though i've been here for two months i have never really gone farther then the woods.

"Ready to go?" Chris smiled when i walked out.
"Yup" I smiled popping the P.
"Nice Gir!"  Becca laughed.
"Come on people if we wait any longer well be eating lunch not breakfest!" Alex yelled from the door way.
We pilled into Luke's car cause he had a old hippie van that we all fit in.  As we made are way to the mall i looked over at Trent but he didnt seem to want to look at me. I tried to ignore it like maybe he was just tired but something was wrong and i knew it.

*After Breakfast*

"Ok were headed to the shoes." Becca and De called as they ran off to one the stores in the mall.
"Im going to get the new game for the xbox..." Alex said already walking away.
"Me and Luke are going go get some candy." Chris said dragging Luke behind him like a child.
Me and trent were left standing there still not talking. I wasnt sure what to say and it wasnt easy with him looking down at me. He looked like he was about to say somthing but turn away insted.
"Come on lets go look around."
Soon enough we made are way by a vitora secret. Trent ran over to one the models and pretended to be hitting on her. Then grabed a bra and started walking around like a model. I was laughing so hard tears were in my eyes as he walked around the store in the bright blue bra. Everyone was staring at us like we were crazy but we didnt care. We made are way to the mattress store and started jumping on the bed. The guy behind the conter started yelling at us but before i could say anything Trent grabed my hand and we were running. We made are way to hot topic and started looking at all the outfits. I finnal found a cute dress and went into the changing room to try it out. I brought it and walked back out to Trent since he was done and had already gotten a few new shirts and stuff. I paused when heading out because i saw a pair of head phones. It was almost christmas and i had gotten everyone else a gift but Trent. These head phones just made me think of him, the where black with flames on them and i thought about his last pairs that where distoryed when he ran out in the rain because i triped and he wanted to help. As soon as i saw them i had to get them for him.
"Hey Alice can you wait here im going run to the rest room i'll be right back." He said joging off.
I grabed the pair of head phones and paid as fast as i could and payed. As soon as i was done i stood out side waiting for Trent.
"Hey there..." I familiar voice snickered at my side. I turn and saw Jeff and a few other boys. Jeff was always smiling at me in class or trying to talk to me in between class but uslly someone would save me. It wasnt that i hated him he just creeped me out the way he smiled at me.
"Um.. hi.."  I replyed looking back at the ground.
"You here alone sweetie, wheres those freaks you hang out?" Jeff said and his friends laughed.
"There not freaks there my friends." I replyed alittle upset.
"Well how about you become friends with us were much more fun."  He slung his arm over my shoulder.
"No thanks im waiting for Trent." I brushed his arm off of me and stood up getting ready to walk away.
"Forget about Trent and come with us." He grabed my waist pulling me to him.
"Im sorry but i have to go." I tryed to keep calm and push away. He just laughed when i pushed, he could tell he was to strong and he was enjoying watching me try to get away.
"Dont worry we wont bite." HE snickered grabing me harder and pulling me to the doors with his friends. I wanted to cry out in pain but he looked so smug i couldnt give him the pleaser. I knew if i hit him i wouldnt win. With De i won because she was about my strength and it was one on one. But Jeff was twice my strength at least and he had like 5 friends behind him. I keept trying to tell them i had to go but my words were falling on death ears. I really needed Trent where is he!
"Hey!" I voice came from behind.
"What do you want?" Jeff hissed turning around still holding my wist.
"I think the lady said to let go." I looked up at the voice and saw him. He was tall and had wild black hair with a bit of blond in his bangs that hung over his eye's. His eyes where a bright brown and for a sec i felt i seen them before. Suddenly i felt Jeff hands let go of my wist and he backed away.
"Sorry Ethan we didn't know she was your friend." I saw Jeff back up with his boys even father before running off.
"Im sorry about them are you ok." He asked smiling at me kindly.
"Um yes thank you." He paused looking over me settling on my chest. It wasnt my breast he was looking at though it was my neckless.
"Where did you get that...?" He wispered.
"O my brother...." I smiled thinking back to my brother handing it to me promising me he come back.
"ALICE!" I heard Trent's voice scream from behind us and turn to see him. He had that same worryed look on his face as always and he was sweating and i could tell he was running when he was looking for me. Everyone else was behind him looking less worryed now that they saw me.
"Are you ok what happen i got back and you where gone?" He hugged me and question trying to catch his breath. By now everyone else had caught up.
"Im fine sorry Jeff came up again but he's gone now." I smiled trying to relax him.
"Whos this?" Trent pulled me close to him holding my waist then asked looking at the Ethan and his friends. Ethan seemed frozen he was just staring at me, not in a creepy way just in disbelef.
"O um this Ethan i belive and his friends they helped me." I replyed. His friends also seemed a bit out of it and look like they were going ask somthing but Ethan snaped out of it and stop them.
"Sorry but we have to go Alice... I'll see you again soon." He paused saying my name then smiled at me like he was the happyest person in the world. He looked at Trent then seemed upset but looked back at me and smiled before walking away.
"What was that about?" De asked.
We all walked off and i explain what had happen. When i showed my wist it was brused and i could feel Trents grip trighten a bit more but he didnt say anything. De was pissed off the hole way home saying she would kick Jeff's ass tomorow.  The rest of the way home was lots of talking about what the got at the mall but i wasn't paying attion. I was happy because Trent never let go. His arm stayed wraped around my waist and it was calming and safe. We didn't talk but every once in a while i catch Trent looking down at me. I was happy even though my wist was sore i was in a peaceful place with Trent.

Chapter 7

 *Ethan POV*

The mall was as boring as ever.
"Im sorry but i have to go!" I heard a sweet but strong voice behind me. I turn and saw a girl standing trying to push away some guys. I think the boy was Jeff one of the punks at the school but i didn't care it was the girl that caught my eye. Not in the she's hot way but like i knew her kind of way. You could tell she was in pain the way he was holding her wist but she wasn't crying or letting him see. She had that stubborn strong face on and acted like it was nothing. He just pulled harder. I couldn't take it so i got up and started walking over. I couldn't watch guys hurt girls ever since i was a kid i've hated it. My Father the bastard would hit my sister and i hated it. After are parents left each other i had to leave them with him. I tried my best to find her again but my mother remarryed and changed are last name. Im still trying to find her from what i rember from when i was 11. She was 10 and had bright blue eyes, pale skin, and curlly black hair. Her name was Alice.... Alice Curse Smith. I hated the fact my parents named her that and i hated my mom more. She never wanted another kid and blamed Alice. Worst of all she didn't save Alice. That's proubly why i was here, I couldn't save my own sister for all i knew she was dead and it was my fault so i started fights with any guy i saw that even looked at a girl worng. Now im in the middle of no where at some reform school because my mother didn't want to deal with me. They had there backs to me he was draging her down the mall like it was nothing and she was fighting on ever step. She had spunk i'll give her that...
"Hey!" I called from behind them...
"What do you want?" Jeffed hissed and turn to see me. His faced dropped when he saw me and i could tell he knew who i was. I just smiled and saw a few of my friends walk up behind me.
"I think the lady said to let go." I hissed back.
"Sorry Ethan we didn't know she was your friend." He stutter out and his friends ran off.
"Im sorry about them are you ok." I looked down at the girl. I couldn't stop looking at her, She had long black hair that was straighten and bright blue eyes. I chuckled a bit at her Invader Zim shirt, me and my sister use to watch alot.
"Um yes thank you." She replied smiling up at me. As soon as she looked at me i froze.On her neck  was something i never thought i would see again. The neckless around the neck of a key. Matt my best friend stood beside me and followed my eyes. He say it i knew he did i had talked about it 100 times before so i knew he knew what it was. My eyes were locked on here necklace. I couldn't figer out what to do so Matt nudge me.
"Where did you get that...?" I whispered trying to sound as normal as i could. Everyone else was staring at me but i didn't care.
"O my brother...." She replied smiling at it. I looked at Matt with eyes pleading on what i should do but he was at as much a loss as myself.
"ALICE!" I heard a man scream from behind. He was running over worry was written all over his face.
"Are you ok what happen i got back and you where gone?" He hugged Alice trying to catch his breath.
"Im fine sorry Jeff came up again but he's gone now." She smiled trying to relax him.
"Whos this?" He pulled her closer looking at me not sure what he should do.
"O um this Ethan i belive and his friends they helped me." She replied to him. Her smile was the same as ever. He was still glaring at me but i couldn't blame him he was worried ad here's some punk looking guys standing near a little girl. There friends seem to be just as worried but couldn't care we were there they were all watching her. I wasn't sure what to do. She had the name and necklace and look just like my sister but how do i tell her. What if she isn't, What if she is and she hates me. I looked at Matt i was so confused but he just nudged me.
"Sorry but we have to go Alice... I'll see you again soon." I said before turning and walking away. I piratically ran out of there.
"Was that who i think it was...?" I heard Matt come from behind.
"I have no clue, It looked like here and she talked like her... Damn She even had the same name!" I wasn't sure what to do everyone knew about here so most the guys just walked over and continue eating.
"Why didn't you tell her who you where?"
"She doesn't even look like she remember me, or what if she hates me."
"Theres no way she could hate you, If she talks half the way you talk about her she loves ya. Besides maybe she didn't know who you are because you changed alot. I mean your Hair is dyed and your taller and stuff." Matt replyed trying cheer me up.
"Maybe..." Maybe he was right i was alot taller and my hair that was original a drak brown was now dyed. My eyes were still brown but other then my eyes i had changed alot.
"So now what? Are you going to tell her who you are."
"Maybe first i have to atleast figer out where she gose to school..."
"O you mean alice?" Kyle walked over. I didn't know him well he was some younger guy that hung out with the group.
"You know her?" Matt question.
"Sure lots of people do she's really nice, always hangs out with the gay boy or the one fire haired kid. She's in my 1 periode class. Always reading or drawing, heard she can fight too. She beat up that one girl Debbie but now there like friends. But if you plan to get with her give up now."
"What do you mean?" Matt asked.
"Trent, he's like the strongest kid in the grade and he really like's her, i mean im sure you guys could get her if you wanted but it be hard you have to get though that army that follows her. Shes got 2 girls and like 3 guys that are all her friends and they dont uslly leave her alone." He heard his name get called and ran off. I wanted to stop him and ask more but insted i just thought about her wondering how to get to her...
"All you have to do is ask her last name. If you find her last name your know i mean how many other people named alice smith could live this close to where you grew up?" matt said.
"Your right!" I smiled. All i have to do is find her and ask her name her full name... and i had to figer out who this Trent guy was. She may be 17 but she's my little sister and for all i knew he could be just like my dad. Any boy going to our school shouldn't even be looking at her there all punks. Sure i had my past i wasn't that well behaved but she deserves more then that. Just the thought of him with her pissed me off. I remeber how he looked at me he. If it is Alice and that boy dose anything to her i'll kill him. I had to figer this out tomorow school and im going find her and get to the bottem of this....
I really hope its Alice i miss her...

Chapter 8

I was happy to be home, or atleast what i thought of as my home. Everyone was looking at what they brought form  the store and showing it off. I only brought a gift and christmas gift's for people so i didn't have much to show. Insted i put my things away and sat on the couch next to Trent. He didn't talk much as we went home, he seemed upset, but now he was doing better and i was happy to be back.
"So who was that hot guy that saved you today?" Becca question out of no where.
"Uhh Ethen, im not sure..." I really wasn't sure. Ethan kinda made me think more then i wanted to. When i first heard his name i was almost happy because i thought it was my brother. He didnt look like my brother though.  My brother had the brown hair and brown eyes and was always so shy and protective. Ethan seem more like a punk with spiked hair and attuid. His smiled was alot my brothers aswell but if anything i think im just being hopeful because its near the holidays...
"Alice?" Chris voice broke me from my day dream. "Whats wrong why you crying. "
He looked at me worried, everyone did.
"Nothing sorry just spacing out." I smiled wiping it away.
"Did Ethen do somthing to you." Trent asked looking upset.
"No im fine he just reminded me of someone... i use to know. "
"Who he remind you of?"
"...my brother..." I wispered. I wanted to tell them but then again i didn't. I didn't like keeping secrets but if they knew that i was just some freak her faimly didn't even want what would they think.
"You have a brother? Whats he like?" De question.
"He was funny and nice and he was always really protective." I smiled thinking of him.
"Well then you shouldn't cry you can see him next week over winter break!" Alex said really happy. I just smiled and said i was sleepy and headed to bed.

* Morning*

I woke up and began getting ready for school. Last night was upsetting, it brought back things i wanted to forget but i wasn't going let that stop me. Im happy now and i want to keep it that way. I started getting dressed.

*Out fit for school*

As soon as i steped out i could see Alex and chris fighting over a poptart. I just laughed and grabed it from chris hand and poped it in my mouth.
"HEY!" The both yelled.
"If you two dont hurry up were going be late."
Most of the way to first period was picking up the rest of the group and Alex and Chris complaining about the poptart.
"Where's Trent?" I asked outloud.
"I don't know maybe he running late."
"Talking about Trent when are you going admit you like him." Luke smiled at me.
(Luke dosn't talk much he's quiet type.)
"WHAT!?" I praticly yelled.
"Am i the only one that thinks Trent and Alice like each other and should go out?" He asked the group. Everyone just agreed smiling.
"Now look what you guys did you made her blush." De joked.
"Is it that easy to tell..." I asked staring at my shoe's my face on fire.
"Yup and speek of the devil look whos coming." De replyed and i looked up the hall. Trent looked as great as ever in black skinnys and a bvb tee shirt. His hair was a mess and he looked half asleep.
"Hi everyone..." he mumble putting his head on my sholder and closing his eyes. If my face got any hotter i think i would explode.
"Were going go to class see you at lunch." Becca said.
We walked into class and chirs went to sit with Luke while me and Trent took our seats in the back. I just watched Trent sleep on his desk and laughed a bit poking him with my easer to watch his face twitch.
"Poke me again and your reget it." He mubbled into his arm trying to sound scary, but i just laughed because i could see his smile. I poked his nose one last time before he grabed me and started tickling me.
"Stop....Stop....Stop..." I beged in between laughing.
"I warned you are you going poke me again." He laughed.
"I'll ...stop...i... promise!" I replyed still laughing.
"Excuse me..." A calm voice said breaking up our laughs. I looked up and saw Ethan from yesterday with a few of his friends. Trent pulled me closer to him and looked up at Ethan.
"Hello again Alice." Ethan said smiling at me, not creepy just happy.
"Um hello again." I replyed.
"I know this will sound strange but whats your last name..." He asked shyly.
"Um Alice Curse Sm.... ALice Curse no last name." For a moment i almost said my old last name.
"Alice Curse Smith!" He smiled so wide like a 5 year old with candy.
"How...?" I couldn't think of what to say i didn't want to think of my last name though. I just ran i knew i was going to cry i didn't want anyone too see. When i stoped running i was out side by the forest tears were all over my face.
"Its ok." I felt Trents arms around me and he had me in a tight arm. I cryed for almost a hour as all my past came to me with that name. We didn't bother going to school for the rest of the day Trent just hung onto me and took me back to the dorm. We sat for almost a hour before i decided to tell him.

*Trents POV*

I was mad. I watched Alice explain why she got upset. She explained Her father being drunk and finally killing himself. I couldn't understand how her mother wouldn't want her own daughter. I couldn't understand how no one could want Alice. She was perfect.... she was pretty, strong, funny, kind, sweet. I wanted to hurt everyone who had hurt her she didn't deserve anything she had gone though. But i couldn't insted i just huged her.
"Trent..." Her voise was a bit horse from crying.
"Yes?" I question.
"I....I................love you..." Her voice was so low i almost couldn't hear her.
"REALLY!" I praticaly yelled hugging her even harder. I was so happy.
"I can't breath!" She laughed from my hug.
"Sorry i just.. I've wanted to hear that since i met you and im so happy to hear you say that!" I said letting go a bit of the hug so i could pull her on my lap. kissed the top of her forhead and huged her again. After everything that happen i was in my own little world now.
"I love you too Alice." I wispered in her ear before she fell asleep on my chest.

Chapter 9

I woke to a few people talking.
"Ok how come we never meet you until now?" Chris asked sounding pissed.
"Ethan and his sister were separated by there parents when they were kids. There parents.... they didn't get along well." Someone answered trying to think of the right words.
"How do you know its her then?"
"Its easy to tell same soft black hair, bright blue eyes, sweet little smile, the way she curls her toes when she sleeps and the necklace..." Ethan voise trailed off as a sat up. I looked at everyone in the room who was staring at me. Becca was standing by the wall. Alex and De were beside me on the sofa.  Trent was on my other side with a arm around me.  Chris and Luke where on the floor. Then i saw Ethan and the other boy. Ethan had a black eye and seem to want to cry, his friend beside him i rembered because he was always next to him. His friend looked normal with black hair over his eyes and a bit of green in it.
"Whats going on?" i questioned.
"Alice do you rember your brother?"
"Yea ofcouse i do he was nice and funny and always silly and he had brown messy hair with bright brown eyes."
"What happen with your brother and your faimly..."
"Um... i was put up for adoption and sent here, my brother went to live with my..... mom...." I wasn't happy about saying that word. I didn't think of her as my mom she was just a lady who left me.
"What dose that key do?" Becca asked from across the room.
"It opens a box a small music box my grandmom once gave me..."
"A small black box with a rose across it that i would play when ever she cryed..." Ethan said pulling the little box out. I couldn't belive it i could tell i was crying because Trent huged me a little more. I reached out  and put my little key into the boxed and watched as it poped open and the little melody played.

*Skiping ahead to friday*
Its been a week since now and it's easy to tell im happyer now then ever. My brother was the same as ever still a dork that loved video games and candy. His friend Matt was the same and they fit in well with our group. I learn that the day i left the class room crying that chris punched Ethan good enough to give him a black eye witch was for the most part faded away but was funny seeing as i couldn't imagine Chris hurting a fly. I think Ethan liked Becca, they got really close. I really had nothing to complain about I had my brother and my now 'boyfriend' witch i love saying that word. Trent and Ethan still didn't get along well. Ethan was worryed because Trent had a bit of a past and got in a few fights but then again we all had a past for the most part so i didn't care.
"What you doing?" Trent asked coming up behind me wraping a arm around me.
"Nothing just thinking." i smiled at him.
"Hmm thinking about how much your going mess me when im gone." He said with a cocky little smile.
"O yea i dont know how i'll even surive without you!" I replyed over dymaticly pretending to faint.
"Shouldn't you pack up your stuff as well?" Ethan asked from the door way of my room.
"Why would i pack up?' i asked.
"Because your need some clothes and stuff when you come spend christmas with me and mom." 
"Im not going im staying here in the dorms." I replyed walking to the living room to sit on the couch. Everyone was playing video games.
"Wait! What do you mean your staying here you cant stay here alone!"
"Why not its better then the ophange, I like it here."
"You cant spend christmas alone."
"Its no big deal i spend every year alone, i already gave everyone there gifts to open. I'll just stay here and work on school and play some video games."
"No way you have to come, i'll introduce you to mom and our step dad and your half brother Josh!"
"Ethan that sounds nice and stuff but mom dosn't want me i wouldn't want to ruin her christmas, besides you can tell them all about me."
"Well then come with me to my house its no trouble my faimly wont be there, my parents work all christmas anyways."
"No way is she spending two weeks alone with you!"
"For once i agree thats a awful idea ."
"Well you can come with us. Our mom wont mind she's really nice."
"No way she should come with me i need some one with me i have 6 brothers and sisters i need some one to help me."
"Well you could come with me but im not really leaving my house is just in town."
I stood up so everyone would stop arguing and listen to me.
"Listen that sounds nice but you guys should enjoy your holiday, with your faimlys. I'll be fine i always speend christmas alone so im use to it."
"Well if your staying im staying im not leaving you alone, besides my parents wont care." Trent replyed hugging me.
"No way if he's staying im staying too im not letting you two stay here alone all break!" Ethan said grabing my hand.
"Well i guess ill stay too its better then going home and having sit there with my parents and there boring friends." Becca replyed sitting down on the couch.
"I'll stay too other wise i'll have to baby sit all break."
"Were ask our mom and see if we can stay." Alex said looking at Chris.
"Our dad wont care he dosn't really like gays so its no big deal." Chris said.
"I would stay but my brothers coming home so im sorry but ill be calling everyday i promise." Luke said huging chris with a sad face.
"Same here i would stay but i got to vist my aunt." Matt said looking a bit upset.
"Well then its settled were going all stay ecept Luke and Matt but Luke and Matt you two have to call or else." De replyed giving them both a glare with a smile so they knew she was only teassing them.
"You guys dont have to do that you can vist your faimly if u want." I spoke up trying to get there attion.
"I want to." Trent said and everyone agreed.
"Im going go call our parents." Alex said.
"Same i need to go call mom." Ethan said walking out with his cell.
"Are you sure...?" I asked looking at everyone. I wasnt sure i understood, people never wanted to spend holidays with me.
"Ofcouse were sure we love you were not going let you spend the holiday alone." Trent Said huging me.

*Ethan POV*
"Hello?" My mom's voice anwsered on the second ring.
"Hey mom its Ethan...."
"Hi Honey how are you?"
"Im good i just wanted to tell you somthing."
"Shouldn't you be packing up your supose to be coming home in a few hours."
"Well about that, i think im going stay here this christmas..."
"What ofcouse you cant you have to come home."
"I want to spend this christmas with my sister..."
"I found Alice and i want to stay with her."
"Alice is with her father miles away."
"No he died Alice is here because you didn't take her when he died! i know you were lying. You lied you said you couldn't get he because he had custody but he died and you didn't take her!" I yelled back into my phone.
"I didn't take her because she wasn't mine!"
"She wasn't mine that father of her's cheated on me think you two are only 8 months apart theres no way i could have had her... and your right i didn't take her because i couldn't stand her she was that bastard and his whores not mine!" I was stuned.
"That dosn't change the fact she's my sister and im not leaving her alone on the holiday..."
"She's not part of this faimly and your coming home  even if we have to drive down there and get you!"
"Go ahead and try im not leaving!" I scremed into the phone turning it off. I was pissed anyone could say she's not faimly....

She's my faimly...

Chapter 10

I was sitting on the couch with Trent when Alex and Chris walked in.
"They said we can stay!" Alex smiled.
"Same with us." Becca and De came from the back room happyly.
"Dont you have to call?" I asked Trent looking up at him.
"Nope my parents are always busy with work there spending this christmas in france i think so it dosn't matter." He looked at me a bit upset.
"Im sorry." I replyed huging him.
"For what?"
"Im sorry your parents aren't around for you."
"Thanks..." He smiled and kissed my forhead.
We all sat around the front room untill we heard yelling from the hall... Ethan walked in looking at pissed then sad when he say me.
"Whats wrong?" i asked sitting up.
"Nothing mom isn't really happy...." his voiced trailed off for a minute.
"Alice do you know why mom didn't take you with her?" he asked.
"Um no not really i just figured she didn't want me..." I would be lieing if i said i never thought about it.
"Well i am your brother thats true but...." He paused trying to think of what to say.
"Alice mom didn't leave you because she wasn't your mother..." He was looking right at me.
"what...?" i wasn't really understanding.
"Our dad was cheating on mom you knew that and he had you with another women but that dosn't change the fact your my sister." He replyed holding my hand.
"I.... I think im going go for a walk...." I felt Ethan try to stop me but Trent stop him.
"Let her go."
"Somtimes people need time for themselfs just give her 15min to go clear her head.
Ethan was trying to agrue but i had already left. The thing that shooked me was it made since.In many ways i was different. I was the only one with black hair or blue eyes. I wasn't upset like i thought i be, truth was i was happy. I blamed myself for years that my mom must hate me and that it was my fault she didn't want me. Now i knew i wasn't her daughter but now i had more questions. I wanted to know who my real mother was, i wanted to know where she was and why i was with my father not her. Most of all i wanted to know her.
I crashed into somthing hard and fell to the floor.
"Who is this?" I heard and upset voiced asked.
"Thats Alice the one i told you about." I looked up and say a large boy and Jeff looking at me with a crew of boys about them. Jeff scared me but this boy was worst. He looked atleast 6ft tall if not taller and was staring at me with purely dark eyes.
"So this is Ethan little sister, she much cuter then i thought..." His eyes going up and down my body.
"Umm sorry i should go." I got up quickly.
"Where are you going in such a rush?" He asked grabing my arm.
"I need to get back before Trent wonders where i went." As soon as i said Trents name The boys hand tighten around my arm.
"What dose that bastard have to do with this?" he question upset.
"Trent's her boyfriend." A smaller boy from the back of the group said when i didn't anwser. The boy with his arm on my had turn to look at him then at me. His eyes looked up and down me and i shivered a bit.
"I really have to go now." I said pulling away from him.
"Sure go ahead im sure i'll see you again really soon." Then he pulled me closer and whispered. "Go for now well see each other again soon and tell Trent i said hi..."
He looked at me his eyes filled with hate.
I just ran back to the dorm and back to Trent.

"Whats worng?" De asked when i walked back into the room. I didn't say anything i figered it best to ignore what happen. I mean sure the guys scary but after everything that happen today i wanted to enjoy just being here with my friends.
"Nothing just went for a walk where is everyone...?" i asked looking around the room.
"In the kitchen... i dont think you want to go in there..." Her voiced trailed off.
"Why?" I asked ignoring what she said. I didn't really care what the guys were doing i just wanted to be next to Trent. I walked into the room and looked around. There was a tall man with dark black hair in a suit and a little boy next to him with curly black hair like Ethan when he was younge. Next to them both was a lady. She had long brown hair that was in a bun and dark brown eyes she was glaring at me with. I took a moment then i relized it was my mom.... or who i thought was my mom.
"What is she doing here!" She hissed. I was already with my back aginst the wall to scared to move. She had hit me before when she was mad, i didn't want to be hit again.
"She is here because its her dorm room." Alex snaped back.
"Come on Ethan were leaving!" She yelled at him.
"No i told you im staying here." He shot back. I just tiped toe to my door trying to leave.
"Your coming Ethan your not staying with this whore." She glared at me.
"SHE'S NOT A WHORE!" Trent yelled from across the room scarying everyone. I had seen Trent sad and worryed but when he gets mad its really scary.
"She's the daughter of a whore witch makes her a whore." She hissed back.
"She's your daughter even if its not by blood its still your job to raise and love her..." Chris wispered.
"I will never love her she was just a slut her father and a whore of a women had and she should have died along with her mother and that bastard!" She was looking right at me.
"Im not going anywhere! She's my sister!"
"IM YOUR MOTHER!" She yelled back.
I stood there watching everyone scream and just started laughing. It was so odd everyone was yelling and fighting and i stared at this women. The women i called my mother and i relized no matter what i stilled loved her. She hated everything but she was the women that raised me, that would never change but she wasn't my family. My faimly was the crazy people that fought over candy. The one's that taught me about boys and clothes. The one's who held me when i cired and made me laugh when i was lonly.
"Why are you laughing!"
"I.... Just...." I was laughing so hard i couldn't even speek.
"This is why im happy she's not part of my faimly she cant even talk she's just a stupid whore." She stated grabing her husband arm.
I looked up at her and said...

"The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life. Rarely do members of one family grow up under the same roof."
**(I belive Richard Bach said that quote not me =P)**

I turn walking out because i wasn't really interested in knowing what she wanted to say.
I left and walked into my room getting ready for a shower.
After everything that happen today i forgoten it all. I was just happy thinking of all the things i've done since i moved here. Nothing before this mattered to me anymore because  i couldn't change that and even though im sure people would want me to be upset i wasn't i had the boy of my dreams a crazy little faimly the best brother and most of all friends.

Chapter 11

I guess mom, or as i called her Kelly, left after a while. Ethan still went to vist his faimly later in the evening but he spent most of christmas with us. Kelly didn't like me to say the least but she decided to let me and Ethan be because were faimly and she couldn't change that. Christmas with everyone was so different out compared to before. Sure the gifts were nice but they were nothing compared to watching De and Becca  trying sing those stupid christmas jingles or Alex and Chris fighting over candy canes. Some how we endded up with a small plam tree with stickers and silly string as a tree. Not that i didnt love the little plastic thing. I had forgoten every bad thing before because I was final able to see and call these dorks my faimly.

*School again*
"ARG! 5 more minutes." Alex complained.
"Alex if you don't get up Chris will eat all the Waffles!" I teased.
"WAFFLES! Where! Where are my waffles!?" Alex bolted up.
"Dork get out of bed before your late." I laughed heading back into the kitchen. Chris was drowning his Waffles in syrup.
"Moring!" De yelled walking in. She didn't bother nocking not that anyone cared.
"Moring everyone." I replyed giving De and Becca a hug.
"Gommb Morbine!" (Good Moring)  Alex and Chris replyed with there mouths full.
"Don't talk with your mouth full you dorks." Trent came from behind with Ethan, Luke and Matt.
"Hey." I stood on my tip toes giving Trent a small kiss. Luke just made his way to Chris, Luke didn't talk much but he gave a nod to everyone and huged Chris.  Ethan Matt and Becca just started talking about home work from over break since they shared alot of classes.
"We should get going before where late." I commented grabing my bag and opening the door. Truth was if i knew then what was going happen i would of stayed home and played sick. The moment i steped out the door i could feel eyes watching me. The feeling you get where you know some one is looking at you but your not sure who.
"Whats wrong?" Trent asked looking at me.
"O nothing just tried ." I smiled brushing off the bad feeling.

For the frist part of the day wasn't anything new. Boring teaches asking what you did over the break and giving you a crap load of homework. I had all but forgoten the moring by the time i was headed to the libary. I learned that was the best thing about this school. In the back across the out door away where some kids eat lunch was a old church. The school remodled the old curch turning it into a libary a few years ago. It was the best place in the school because not alot of kids spent time in it and it was so peacful.  I was scaning all the books i had picked out most silly romance or mystery.
"Shh don't scream..." A voice hissed from no where grabing me from behind and covering my mouth. I tried fighting but being caught off gared and being held by some one 3 times stronger then you. I kicked someone good because i heard them grunt but i couldn't see anything other then the bookshelf.
"Damn she's putting up to much of a fight just knock her out!" A man hissed from behind. I tried to swing my hands harder but instead i felt a rag cover my mouth. I held my breath for a little while but the moment i went for air inhaled what was on the rag and started to fall asleep. I tried keeping my eyes open as long as i could but it was no use.

***********SOME TIME LATER =P*************

"She gave you a black eye." I man laughed from across the room.
"I wasn't expecting her to put up that much of a fight." Another man replied sounding a bit upset.
I sat up whiping my eye and looking around the room.  There were about 5 guys in the room, 2 gaurding the door and 3 sitting at a table in what i think is the kitchen. I was on a soaf a small coffie table with a tv was across from me.
Kidnap? No that wouldn't make since why me and why in the school. No one be stupid enough to kidnap a kid while in a school. Besides i wasn't tied up or anything. I was fine i even had a pillow and blanket over me.
"O look she's up!" I womens voice chriped up from the kitchen and i looked to see her standing behind a man.
"That was fast i thought she be out longer." The man replied.
The man and women looked older like in there 40 or 50. There were two boys next to them on looking about 20 with a black eye. I asume he was the one i hit witch made me a bit happy seeing a gave him a nice black eye. The other boy i knew he was. I never got his name but i remembered him from the hall when i ran into him and Jeff. I had all but forgoten him after everything else that had happen.
Now i was just left wondering what was going on...

*Trent's POV*
I tried calling Alice but she didn't pick up witch i asumed ment she was at the libary again. I wasn't to worryed i mean she went there all the time and would mute her phone but it was 8:00 and the libary closed in 30 min. I didn't want to seem over protective but i didn't like the idea of her walking alone at night. So i began walking to the libary better to be safe then sorry...
~Chop Chop Chop you up im a monster!....~
My ringtone started going off and i anwser not bothering to see who it was.
"Hello Sweetie!" My mother replied. I wasn't in the best mood with my faimly too say the least. There "jobs" always seemed to mess up my personal life. I couldn't get friends or girlfriends with out them butting in. That was one of the bigest reason i was avoiding them it was also why i came to this school.
"Hello Mother... What do you need?" There was always a catch with them.
"I just wanted to call  and see how you were, we missed you on christmas..." she replied.
"Sorry i had work to do."
"O well its no big deal, hows school and everything."
"Fine, im sorry but i have to go im trying find Al- a friend."
"O you mean Alice."
"Wait how do you know..."
"Dont worry she's right here with us taking a little nap  your brother brought her over for use to meet."
"LEAVE HER ALONE!" I didn't like rasing my voice not to my mother but this was different.
"Relax she's fine we just wanted to meet her thats all. Were just going talk with her. By the way i think Elizabeth is going stop by for dinner you should too. Have to go bye bye!" My mother hung up before i could reply.
Elizabeth wasn't someone i wanted Alice to have to meet, not now or ever. I didn't want her to be near my faimly, they had a way of making everyone i got close to disaper. I ran to my car happy we only lived 30min away. My mind was racing a thousand different places each one hoping Alice would still be there where i got there...

(Sorry its short i had lots of home work and im a bit sleepy =( sorry)

Chapter 12

I couldn't believe what i was hearing.
600,000 dollars! They were offering me so much money but why? Im kidnapped by a random man and women and i was thinking i was going be killed! But no instead there trying give me money!?
"why...?" That was the only thing i could think to ask.
"Its simple we want you to take this money and move far away from here and never see Trent again." The women smiled at me as if it was really that simple.
"What! No."
"Please think this over with this money you can move far away from your mother even take your brother Ethan and get a new life." The women replyed.
"I...I can't...." I couldn't! Sure its alot of money... I could buy a home in California i always wanted, or go to a good college. But i would be alone again.
"Sure you can you have no faimly and your almost 18." The women respond trying to reassure me.
"No i do have a faimly..." I wispered out.
"We cheeked your background your fathers dead and mother dosn't want you. All you have is a brother but with this money im sure you both can make it." she replyed. I heard a door open but i didn't care.
"No! I do have a faimly i have Ethan but i also have becca whos like my sister or De whos my mom! I have Alex and Chris who even though they always fight over stupid stuff and steal my cookies i love! I have Luke and Matt who always treat me like a baby and laugh at me when i pout like im there kid... and i have Trent..." I wispered the last part wishing he was here.
"Alice..." I felt arms go around my waist pulling me up.
"Trent your here early." The women replyed simply like she knew he be here. I looked up at Trent, his face covered in worry and his eyes painked with that cute winkle in his forhead he got when he was upset.
"Why?" He asked her looking around the table.
"Its simple son, while this girl is nice you have to marry Elizabeth. Now we been nice up too this point even letting you go to school where you want but being that your almost 18 its time for you to execpt that She is your wife and that this girl is just another piece of trash."
"She's not Trash!" Trent hissed.
"She looks like trash." I icey voice laughed from behind. I turn and saw a girl behind us in a cocktail dress and heals all pink with bright blond hair like a barbie.
"I don't care what you guys think disown me! leave me out the will! But dont touch Alice!" Trent hissed tightening his grip around my waist. I was looking at everyone a bit confused. I asumed the women and man where Trents parents and the boy next to them was related to Trent they looked a bit the same. As for the girl i guess that would be Elizabeth seeing as she was glaring at me.
" Trent its already been decided besides don't you wants whats best for little Alice there. With this money she could finally go to a good school and get everything she need. What more would a little poor girl want?" His mother smiled sweetly.
"Lots more..." I replyed pushing away a bit from Trent so i could face her. Face everyone.
"I want my friends and faimly and Trent. I don't need money. Sure i could go to a good school but i be alone. Or i could buy my dream home but i still be alone. I would have everything i want with that money but what i need is this. I need De to give me motherly advice and Becca to give me sister advice. I need Alex and Chris so i can yell at them for useing all the warm water in the moring or Luke and Matt to tease me and make me feel like a kid. I need my brother to reminded me of my past... Of my father and mother and of my scars. But mostly i need Trent to hug me to tell me it will be ok and to help me build my future even if im poor on the side of the road i need my faimly..." I said tears ready to come at any moment..
"You don't underst-" Trents father started.
"NO! You don't understand! You never have! Im not a toy that you can place to get yourself more money and pretend to be a happy faimly. Your not my faimly. I never had a faimly before Alice came but ever since the first time she smiled at me i haven't been happier. She made us a faimly and im not leaveing her and your not taking her." Trent eyes were glued to mine and he was smiling.
"Thats Enough of this Guards take this girl." The man order as both guards came closer i clung to Trent.
"If she gose then i go." Trent picked me up making me blush and began walking to the door.
"TRENT! If you walk out that door you will never hear from us again!"
Trent didn't even listin he just walked out the door. Elizabeth tryed to grab his arm but he ingored he as well as his father threats. I cuddled into his sholder and it wasn't until he got to his car that he spoke.
"Thank you..." He wispered so low i almost didn't hear.
"For what?" i asked.
"For not leaving me... So many people would have taken that money but you stayed."
"Ofcouse i stayed i never had money before and i have no need for it now." I smiled at him.
"Thank you." he said again but before i could replyed he kissed me. I kissed back and i could feel his lips smile at me.
NO =P we didn't do anything else in the car just drove home singing along to songs on the radio like dorks.

After that day we never heard had many Troubles. Ofcouse we told everyone what happen with Trents family but that didn't matter we moved on. After a while we moved into a house. We decided renting a house for all of us was cheapest idea and it was. Trent's parents cut him off but he had work at the coffee shop buy the mall. Alex and De moved in with us they had there own room. There getting married soon after college. Alex went to school for music and De for art. Im sure there kids will be talented. Luke and Chris lived here too. They were a cute couple. Luke worked with the national guard so he could go to school and still work. Chris is working on music with Alex they want to start there own band. Becca is working with kids now. She's good too! She helped out at the day care in the college for teen moms witch is nice. I think She likes one the kids single parent named Jordan. From what i here he's nice but there taking it slow for the little boy. As for Matt and Ethan i though they be room mates and bring home random drunk girls all the time but then ended up bring each other home i guess you could say. There a cute couple and there best friends so i know things are going work out for them. As for Trent and I we are as happy as ever. Im going to school but im not really sure what i want to be. I final found my birth mother well her grave. It was strange at first but i found out alot. She really wanted me and my name It was Alice Curse because Casper Curse was her father and she wanted me to share his name. She had written me lots of letters before i was born saying even though my father didn't want me she did. I also found her will in a old box she had label to me that i never claimed inside was all my paper work and baby pictures and she even had a bank account witch her parents/ my grandparents kept open in case they ever found me. Witch was nice because it was alot  but also because i had grandparents who cared and were the kindest people.

Sure if you looked in though these windows you think its a family of freaks inside, and well your right it is. My dysfunctional, abnormal, crazy, silly, family that i loved.



So there it was. Not as bad as my first but still not that great so sorry if you didn't like. If your wondering about the words provole or whatever thats in the story those are links to this site because back then I would go to this site and post the picture of clothes the person was wearing. I dont do it anymore because a teacher told me thats lazy and she pretty much ban me from using them when writing. She said it was my words she wanted to read not a link to a picture. I would include the links now just for this story but I haven't been on the site for so long I dont remember my name or password for it. O well...

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