Hello Tree

Hello Tree, how are you today. The wind is cool and you have no coat but I believe you thick bark and leaves will keep you warm. Your bark is such a wonderful shade of chocolate brown and caramel swirls that complement your golden green leaves perfectly. Now look at your branches all tangled together, you really should grow out more to keep that from happening. O dear, is that your roots showing. What a mess, but your young so its ok. Its getting hot, do you need water? Look there though, I think there’s a squirrel in your hair… there it goose. Maybe he’s hiding from the sun. Can I hide in your great shade too? Are you sick friend, there’s green spot on you. What are these things on your leaves. Caterpillars. Are they hurting you eating your leaves? Is that tweeting I hear. What pretty music you get to hear all day. Wow its so chilly now. Your leaves are they falling down. Are you going to sleep friend? I will come back and see you soon.
Goodbye Tree.



So yea you mostlikly will read that and think wtf. But the point is to find anything is to write a short hello and goodbye to anything. Your supose to write like your talking to it. I did a tree though the seasons.


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