Lets try to start a little train and see where we end up.

I have always wanted to start a story train so I thought I give it a try. I'll start then you just post a small paragraph to two to keep it going. Write anything and I may even add a small paragraph or tow if it keeps going. ^-^


I'll begin,

This story began in WillowBurgs a little town near the sea. A town long forgotten by neighbors and friends that left little to see. In the center there was a hall for the days debat and around the square were lots of shops each with somthing to say. The homes spead out from around the center some just the edge of the forest. While the sea stood by on the other side and from behind the homes and held welcome waves against the beach. The sun always bright and the wind always soft gave the day a warmth. The story began here in the dawn of the moring as the clouds floated by...

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